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I told him to go to jail and policy i really g and uh so it was about two weeks later dad he announced he was running for president and i thought that's the reason but you know what all right i mean if that he knew where i was at that that that moment in time that really frightened me it's just him calling me out of the meeting in apologizing to me frighten me that he knew about whereabouts this is the the question that very often comes up and not just with you but other victims of sexual crimes is well why didn't you right away file a police report why didn't you make a big deal about why don't you tell everybody and you bring up this point of this is a powerful man and he knows where i am a it was that you're feeling right after the incident that feeling grow by the time that it's 1991 and he can find you quickly uh what was what was that journey like no that didn't bother me what bothered me more than anything or the times that i wish them in the '70s you would people would say all men will be me and just deal with it and i felt responsible michael our allowing him to come to my room i took the blame myself i should never have but that's the that's how it was back in the '70s uh you allow men to come to your room or be with you or in any way and it sure it's the woman's falls and also this man was the attorney general right he was the police i never ever thought that i could go to the police in any way and also hit the office to paternity june role in the office of governor which you became shortly sh operated at th they regulated my nursing homes he could have shut me down at a moments notice of course there's so much threatened y you see this rubbed bill clinton's career is this not just the personal depravity but also the professional abuse of power constantly one thing the book is a fascinating read and and i noticed itself published and i think that is a great strength of the book it doesn't read like it was ridden by some.

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