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Here on the huge radio network talk about the Michigan Alabama match of former Wolverine champion how the offense of line Doug scheme from the side of the state does a wonderful blog as weekly during the football season with Chris malice of the Wolverine dot com he is still alive in the metro held the university of Michigan help you decide how you doing Mr screen I'm doing good are you doing good I'm trying to figure out what the scheme will be for Michigan offense of Louis and defensively or schemes plural the beatnik say within Alabama office is huge I think it's simple you run the football control the clocking keep that set of receivers they have off the football field watching from the sideline that's an old old school approach I think you're gonna have to do some of that and they were going to have to let our receivers do what they do best and we saw some of that the first part of the Ohio state game there in the first half and coursed quarterbacks always got to have a great day so often to find out I have a great day and the quarterbacks and I have a great day and receivers up to catch the football I think we'll be fine defense is really we got to put some pressure on the quarterback before he can get the ball to those wide receiver so I think it'll be a lot more what we've seen in the attempted previous games with coach brown they're trying to bring Blix's make quarterback on comparable in the defensive line can I get there then we're gonna have some problems so I think I don't know on the other way to draw it up you got to keep them from using their weapons because they got a lot of Doug scheme is joining us here on the huge show across Michigan after the Ohio state gave me said Hey there great team everything will be alright you're kind of sending a message to calm down the Michigan state fans tell me what you were thinking after Ohio state what's in them and how that parleys into Michigan lining up against Alabama well what I meant by that I mean in a tweet that I'd sent out talking with some friends and passionate Michigan fans which I'm one of I have not seen a more cold calculated business like Ohio state team with that much talent in fifteen twenty years maybe longer I just think that Ryan day down there has them playing at a different level which takes takes their game to even higher than I thought it was with the part about the Ohio state game of course we will have to play almost thirty points at thirty point difference whatever it was I just called thirty points I don't believe for a second the host is thirty points better than us just like I didn't believe that Wisconsin is is wasn't much better than us and the scoreboard so that's what I meant it that someday at some point this football team and the guys that are on are going to figure out how to play in this football game but there's clearly something missing there something wrong there are guys in that football game against Ohio state for two years in a row certainly the offense in the second half and then the defense throughout the course of the game found will play among the worst of the year and that just baffles my mind about holds a lot of mines of fans and former former players and we just don't understand how that happens and so I just feel like it's gonna be alright and sometimes you gotta go through some serious pain to check yourself and and maybe reset the way you're going to approach the way you prepare to play that game I don't know of any other chance or any other way to do it huge I know that personally when I had set the you know bad practices are bad games he just go back to what you know what you've been taught which by the way to do it with a much higher intensity and focus on and that's the only thing I know that works so I think it's going to be okay and the other part was just philosophical thing there's a lot of heartburn about Michigan's performance against Ohio state let's just try to remind myself and others that we all planned that team we're not in the building we don't suit up and put the helmet on I will ask them to do well I don't know that we want them to do as well and wanted anymore than they do but ultimately the guys on the feel of the ones in control and we can only hope that they do the best they can and I'm not going to lose sleep over it let my life be ruined because a bunch twenty year old guy lost football game and just be on that in my life so that's kind of what I meant there and how it was all pile into the Alabama game well I would hope that these guys in this Michigan team the guy's going to suit up for the very last time in the uniformed I take this opportunity to let the world know that what we saw against Ohio state we saw against Wisconsin what we saw for the first half against Penn state meal three the better teams are on our roster are I'm sorry schedule this year much better than that and and I think we can also say that yeah we are better than that and you can look at the different position groups and it's time for Michigan the measure up against one's marquee teams just like they did against Notre Dame and like that when the big lights are on his name is Doug scheme bog gas is also the latest what is up with Chris bells will ring dot com hide so I I've been on this thing since the game was announced that.

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