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But I do, like, I'm looking at the 2023 free agents. By the way, this is subject to change because guys will sign extensions. And the popular thing always is when you're in one off season to say the next drop season is so much better. Next off season, that's the one. But I'm just looking earlier at 2023. And some of the notable centers, Ryan O'Reilly will be a free agent. Then again, I don't know what he's a little older. I don't know if that's like, that's not like a long-term fix, but it is someone that, I don't know, maybe you go after. Nathan McKinnon will not be on the free agent market and I think by then, but he is a free agent currently that off season. Dylan Larkin, Bo horvat, JT Miller is another. It's really the only notable ones that I think are worth saying. Jonathan tabes, you want tapes there, they fixed it. But I do think that, again, you look at, you look at next off season is potentially one that you can make those kind of moves with money coming off the books. And I do think you probably have to you'd like to resign David poster Mark. That would probably be probably be a good thing unless you, unless you really go like full on rebuild. And by the way, before we get to the quick hits, some of the actual bruins player news that we've got in the past couple days, you know, one thing would create cheap, you know, Sweeney mentioned how posh knocks basically going to be recruiting creature back. I think Craig is good for one more year, but I do think you do have to try to find actual long-term fixes within the next year. If you could find a way to get creature to come back for next season, perfect. Great. But after next season, I'm not sure that's like a viable option. Yeah. Maybe the same as bergeron coming back. We're again, I think at the very least it gives you a chance to be in the mix, which again. You throw shit to the wall when you get into the playoffs and who knows what happens. They got one last great run in them. That's good. And at the very least, that gives you again more time to either develop prospects. If you have bergeron creature back, you also don't have to give up a blue chip prosper to get a guy like scheifele or Dubois or anything like that. So you retain your talent, younger players come up the system, you save more commitments so that way when a lot of it gets cleared off the books next year, you can spend however you want to spend it. So yeah, at the very least, it's kind of the best of both worlds. If both those guys come back in terms of you at least have one more run where you can have the gang back together and it gives you just more time to maybe not delay the inevitable. It gives you more time to reassess what the next step is because certainly those decisions have to be made. You just keep delaying the inevitable. It's like Wiley, it's like wile E coyote when he runs off the cliff. And he keeps on running out in a straight line. He doesn't realize until he looks down that he falls. That's what the brooms are doing. Just run straight off, keep on chugging across until they get to like 2024 and see what happens. Yes..

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