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You got a good win tonight. I know you and Pike. Both teams were talented kids who are gonna win games but still trying to put the pieces together right now. Right. You know, uh, I got a very good, you know, Experience athletic team knowing that my group is young, you know, they hung in there. There's some things from the things you like, and I'm kind of happy with him tonight. I'm sure that one thing you're happy about is that guarded people when they needed to down the stretch, Right? Right. True, you know, even you know the first day and we started with garden wherever they know that third quarter. We kind of laughed, But then they pick it back up and start guarding. People Let you down the stretch, and they did a good job with that. Why so three possession game. What do you do down the stretch? Besides defending people? We made some shots in and we took care of the ball against a press, you know, So we had a couple of turnovers in the third quarter against their prints, but they came back in the fourth quarter Prince of again and Great Jenkins in my senior guard, know that took control and having the ball and it turned the game around for us. Are you playing tomorrow night or you've done until Christmas we've done to next Wednesday, okay? Who you playing Wednesday. Men. Davis. I like it doesn't It doesn't get easier. This was not supposed Tonto my life, but I do like it tonight. Lauren Central 60 69 64 winners over Pike Al Gooden. Good luck on Wednesday. Alan, have a great Christmas. Thanks, but appreciating you take care. Have a good trip. I'll do that. Thank you so much teeth when he joins me from Edinburgh, the lancers and number seven and singlet. They beat Good Hauser team tonight. 59 54 coach, Thanks for the call. Congratulations on the wind. Hey, thanks for having me on Gotta represent Johnson County brother. I'm a Franklin resident. So I'm loving every bit of Edinburgh Lancer ball. And actually, to be honest, 100 years ago when I was in high school, I remember what the Plainfield I remember coming down here in Bergen playing. I love that person. I love everything about the facility. And tonight you play a good Hauser team. That's three and one coming into this game is a big win. Yes, they won't have. It was never easy playing on the road, specially conference game and never easy playing the Hauser and you know they battled hard and fortune to come out of the wind. It's tough to go to the hangar. People don't know what that man it's a beautiful facility. Fantastic facility. So what do you do to win this game? You know, we start off slow, um, kind of kind of dug our heels back a little bit, and then just kind of got down to how our work April playing and Once we have to get control of the game, you know, kind of got the temple where we need it. And, you know, hit some free throws down the stretch. You have to feel it. So who steps up for you tonight, Coach and plays well. Travis Jones. The junior played really well at 19 points and unofficially, 11 rebound. You know, he's averaging a double double of the season. So you know I had a good game senior no debt, Ling stepped in and had 13 had 13 points. Then our other senior guard Isaac Roberts had 11. And then I'm glad that we had a couple guys right? Six. So pretty bounced or in there across the way, right? Who's up for you, too? You're you're playing tomorrow. You were gonna play next week. We were playing tomorrow at Monrovia. Oh, another road trip for us. All right now, the gentleman you talked to when you called in. I'm sure Brad told you. He's the piece Got to P A on that game tomorrow. Okay, That's what that's what he said. Yes. So hopefully he's not gonna give put the jinx or put the hex on you. Uh, hopefully not. Well, it's you know, hopefully not. But tonight, Edinburgh with a very impressive win. 59 54 Overhauser taking on Monrovia tomorrow night. The lancers there, number seven and singlet Keith ready. Thank you for the call and good luck tomorrow night. All right. Thank you. You have a good holiday. Thank you very much. Nate Hawkins joins me from Heritage Hills. Maybe Crawford County 61. 34, coach. Congratulations on the win tonight. Appreciate it, Bob. They target our kids just keep getting better, and they wanted on the defensive end again tonight. Well, yeah, because that's a very pretty good team you be and especially the way you played, just locked him up in Your kid's credit. They were able to maintain that focus for 32 minutes. Yeah, I was really proud above, uh, the at halftime. It's 25 23 games and we had to make a few adjustments on the defensive end of the floor. Kids adjusted, Uh, come out and we hold them tow one still goal. In the third quarter, outscoring 22. Wow. And then you.

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