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Garin obviously dying of? Is One of the symptoms five o'clock shadow because I. saw. Coming up at about ten fifteen. But. PM. Because of all this. Is the password set your guests Garin because I don't know what the Shit you just said. I really don't I do not understand that I'm not even trying to Shiv you I literally don't know what you mean. Please that I had a five o'clock shadow I was saying, well, it's got to be coming up on ten fifteen because it's a little bit more than all I see. Yes okay. You're. You're shakier than that. You've got kind of a Miami Wam thing going on. It seems like it. All. Right. Well, I think it looks great on Karen as I've said over and over lately I. Don't know what you're doing, but you're looking more and more handsome should be proud and happy. Lashes off. Happy with what you see. We'll do that. Thank you and then covered. So where's your roommate right now guaranteed the room now. The bathroom actually. Doing to their Jerkin. I duNNo. Here. On the phone or something I hear. Ten Notes is that Do they tell you to do that? Stay on the phone? Is that well no because they say the five G. is causes this Kobe right. which was invented in Australia. Oh, boy this whole thing it all comes back and all comes back to the BG's Yup. Our guest is here. Colin Dunn is here is going to be joining US A. Long Time. Glad to finally have him on the program He's been very busy of course with his career and so on and so forth and so. The covert is allowed him join us So we'll take a break. And we'll be back with more right after this. Mad, I got a question for you and it's a question of the ages. Okay. I'm ready to hear it. Why do all pairs of glasses look totally different on the shelf than they do on your face? That is an odd question I have to assume it's because all faces are different. Jimmy you're exactly right. If we all had the.

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