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A product that works like a champion. Simple as that. And I understand sometimes that some households, it might be a little uncomfortable to discuss. So don't discuss it. And clean yourself up. I don't know anything about Tony schiavone's balls, but nonetheless, if he's happy, I'm happy. There you go. Tony schiavone is proud to show you his balls just ask him when you see him. And then you'll know that you need to get 20% off and free shipping with the code Jim Ross at manscaped dot com, your balls, and your significant other, well thank you. They will. And they might even give them a hug. Speaking of balls, Lim biscuit had a ball when they aren't here to play the undertaker's music out live for his match. I don't know if maybe there's not a huge amount of Limp Bizkit fans now, but this was a big deal back the end. Have the big musical entrance. It adds a lot to WrestleMania. It feels special. It feels like a one off and thankfully Nathan Jones was taken out backstage before the match. So it starts off as undertaker and Nathan Jones, not really. It gets big show and a train. Taker is going to give train a big boot and then duck the show clothesline and nail share with a flying clothesline. Eventually, as you might imagine, Nathan Jones is going to show up here, but he needs a little bit of help to win, but not a ton. It's about ten minutes without him. And when it's all said and done, it gets a star and a half. The match leaves a lot to be desired. You got a couple of Hall of Famers in there for sure. No doubt that big show and undertaker are Hall of Famers. We're still trying to establish a train in Nathan Jones. This creative feels a little less they end for the undertaker at WrestleMania, fair to say. Yeah, fair to say. I'll agree with Bruce on that deal. Sometimes undertaker was taking for granted. Yeah. At WrestleMania. This is one of those times. And then as time went on, we saw how valuable that streak was. And how important it was, how debatable it was, a conversational is a point of emphasis, so but we didn't always do great by taker. In my view, like we're talking for granted, because he was such a team player. I said many times he's a conscious of the WWE. And I kind of meant just the locker room. He saw guys slacking. Or half ass in it, or trying to phone it in or whatever. Sometimes he was the guy that would tap them on his shoulder. So hey, what's going on? So how can we fix this? Because what you're doing right? Right. Any other title on the card? Connie. He wanted to build a pony. He could work with. As simple as that. Future opponents. That's the goal. And we thought we might have had a cause of their size that a train in Nathan might have been potential. Just physically, they look imposing. It's hard to it's hard sometimes to book a 7 foot baby, baby face. That's what we were doing would take her all those years. He was the biggest oftentimes the biggest guy on the match. And he just didn't always find that in a baby faces. He was such a great worker that he pulled it off. Well, next up, we've got Trish stratus, Victoria, and jazz in a three way. I get 7 minutes and 20 seconds Trish is going to capture the WWE women's title from Victoria here. It gets two stars, these are three super talented ladies, all three. I mean, I know that these days we're talking about the women's revolution. And there was an era in this company where it was lots of bra and panty matches. This is not one of those. These three ladies could work. Yeah, that was the difference. You know, this gave me the mandate to hire athletic tens. And that's hard to do. Trish is the best example I can give you right now on top of my head of an athletic tent. And I'm curious to see how she does at WrestleMania. I'm glad that she got the bookie. So, but yeah, the women really wanted to be taken more seriously. And not just attractions, broad painting match. Chocolate pudding matches and shit like that. And this match, this women's match at WrestleMania, I think really was a great indication of where we wanted to go at some point in time, and that the point that they have reached now. Same in AW, our women are getting so much better. You know, they're getting coached up. They want to learn. They're physical. They're not intimidated by getting a bruise or a boo boo. So I'm proud of the women in AW, especially. But you see that where it starts interesting in our show, we can name things that occurred that affect today's product and that match that we're talking about here with Trish involved and let's don't forget Lisa. She was very underrated. And she started from zero. She starred as one of the hose of The Godfather. So she wouldn't like a trained ears and a dojo or something. She just had a hard work ethic and it was physical and strong and so I really, those women should be acknowledged for their contributions for the growth of women's wrestling going forward. And they did a hell of a job. Let's mention the next backstage skit. It's Jonathan coachman and he's going to start interviewing The Rock. But instead of there being a huge pop like he might imagine, rock is met with silence and eventually some booze. And rock says Austin may have beat him the last two times they met at WrestleMania, but the one thing he learned in Hollywood is that nobody remembers act one and two. Tonight's act three and that's all they'll remember and this is the final chapter of the greatest feud in history. And when he was about to say his whole finally, The Rock routine, he took off his sunglasses, wails up a few tears, but the sunglasses back on and walks off before finishing, this isn't exactly what you might expect from a rock promo, but the crowd didn't react. Like they normally would even remotely react for The Rock. And there's been some fans in that area who think maybe we were such a bad crowd, they never brought us another major show again. Do you remember there being some negative feelings towards the way the crowd was reacting as far as the office? Of course. You want a bigger pop? Yes. You want a bigger reaction? Obviously, ideally. But I don't think we've ever singled out Seattle as a, I know we were there a while back in AEW and they were great. So there's never any boycott of Seattle. And certainly not because of the crowd response at select

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