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The world is dramatic. Cliffs of more. Let's go to Ireland together. Find out more call toll free triple eight, seven three three ninety four ninety four or go to conservative tours dot com. And I'll see you on the cliffs of more that badly. I'm Bob Carson with the discovery files from the National Science Foundation scientists at Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh in the Salk institute for biological studies. The bunch a whole new sporting event care. Welcome to bacterial ninja warrior carriers. Certainly we'll condition for the challenge. You're very give a buildup stick. Of course, do reach the poo by swimming tumbling in dancing their way over the weekend. Micrometer micro Lewis chambers complete with obstacles inside the gay masters, have not made this, an easy course, tiny obstacle course. Proved no match for the plucky bacteria. There used to navigating places like complex to rain, the gas. Grow intestinal tract with fact except as the well known swimming, tumble or circular games that slows them down a bid, but helps reorient them on the right path add to that their ability to swim more and tumble less until they're in the clear all the while secreting chemicals, the signal the others about the obstacles bottom line, their actions, enabled them to get the food almost as fast as if it were a clear path. New insights on bacterial behavior that helped the researchers understand so movement, and that could even be applied to larger applications such as reducing search time for rescue box looking for victims in emergencies of met six things bacteria one that season for me. Brother. Discover more at NSF dot gov. News ninety three point one f local news. Breaking news, traffic, and weather became Sacramento, Katie.

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