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It seven. Six out seven and 700 wlw 84 degrees is gonna be great. I'm gonna go out and play in it. All right. We have our ride share companies uber and left out there Getting people from here to there. Driving cab drivers, not so losing money. We also have discovered that uber and lift initially had was a way to reduce road congestion congestion has actually increased. Congestion tonight Mighty study and they're smart people there not only to ride shares increased congestion. They also make traffic jams longer lead to a significant decline in people taking public transit. And have not really impact impacted car ownership. I'm not sure how that's possible. But, hey, they're smart people that mighty they must know. Study is impacts of transportation networks on urban mobility. Joint effort from the Singapore M I T. And the one here. Look at monthly congestion metropolitan areas in the U. S. Uber left. I've been studying it since 2016. Uber has 69% of the ride. Share market by the way and lift just 29%. So they make it worse. Of course, everything we do makes things worse. Why? Because we're human. That's the rule. Everything man does makes things makes things worse. We can do nothing right right. Six away. Whether we have Jeff Belhadj is standing by. We'll check the markets, then to Jennifer Catch Mark. Stand by 2021 NFL Draft. The Cincinnati Bengals Select Exceeds 700 w L tell you Papa John's Pizza player profile. Presented by ever dry waterproofing and first our logistics. Now, here's Mo Edgar with our name. You need to know it's obvious to most fans that the Bangles need offensive line help because they wait until around two to get it. If so, Alex Leatherwood could be a target with the 38th overall pit. Leatherwood was a three time all SEC player in Alabama, and he was humanity's first team All American in 2020 playing for the national champions. Plus, he was an all league player at right guard in 2018, and then started 26 games. A left tackle in 2019 in 2020. Evaluators say he can play anywhere on the line is a pro and with the need for upgrades on the interior of their offensive line. Bangles could immediately play Leatherwood at guard. Keep an eye on Alabama offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood has more. Listen for the next player profile on 700. W L. Geology, the home of the best Bangles, Courage, Love.

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