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That's not if that's when all right guy, so comment on these other guys that are also going to be inducted into the college football hall of fame. This'll be in New York City on December the tenth Terrell Buckley. Florida state, Ricky Dixon, Oklahoma, London, Fletcher, John out of John Carroll college. Jacob green had a show John Carroll county. Who's that Don Shula? Wow. That's right. There you go Torry Holt at North Carolina outstanding receiver and Aram. Of course, Brian knows all about those Rams rocket Ismael. Notably NC state NC state. Right. Torry holt. Yeah. I know NC state and North Carolina State. Maybe I did if I said North Carolina. Tell you. What are the great games? I went to get us against tickets about was convicts, first Catholic. Yeah. Rocket had one return for touch on another one for near touchdown and win the game in south bend. I was a great documentary to that convicts versus Catholics. I love that. How about my guy? Troy, Paula Malo, one of the best not the fastest. But always right place. Right time player just loved them. Joe Thomas out of Wisconsin. Which makes my wife happy. Big Joe Thomas fan, Lorenzo white outta Michigan state. Patrick Willis, great, forty Niner out of ole miss Vince, young the guy that I still see my sleep Roland right against southern. Is about that. Was the worst loss for me as a USC fan ever? Reggie Bush was on the sideline. Unbelievable. And all I said is whatever you do if you game. I know here's the thing. I was gonna ask you because Kingsbury folks for you missing is now the new head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. But broader. Rosen by bro. Brian. What was the buyout that USC? They have to set up something. I wonder that's crazy omitted too soon. USC must have pressured them. They did he was still shell-shocked. I'm surprised, you know, smart, maybe just under estimators marketability. But that model of coach to McVeigh young editor bear guys kind of like that. The packers. They went with do they go with leflore. Yes. So it's the same kind of mold of the hot flavor of the type of coach that can Brian. That's going to be the model going forward to. I mean, not invest not going to be the exception. It's going to be the rule. You know what? Brian. I was watching you watch all these teams go up and down the field and do all this stuff. What irks me even Alabama? Great a program as they are and Mike Loxley their offensive coordinator. I do not understand when these teams get to one one and a half yard line. How they do not go under center to handle. Well, how can you not practice that go to Maryland? I just don't get it. How do you not practice that? So instead, you're taking a shotgun snap by the time. You hand off. I watched Damian Harris get the ball on first and goal from the half yard line at the five yard line. Go through to people penetrating ridiculous. Three hours in the back. Are you probably weren't shocked about the win? Although you don't want. But weren't you shocked about how they played that was out of bicycle? Yeah. We talked about that. Yeah. I love Dabo. And I think he's a great coach. And I think when you put I think Alabama got Al coach outplayed, and I think they had more of a purpose. They'd had a will to win Clemson. And they you could just tell and how they played in Alabama had a few bad breaks here and there, but also the Alabama coordinators are not as experienced they've lost too many jacket. Right. A lot of turnover in the co. I mean, how about the best player on Clemson? The receivers of number one player Alabama. Alabama's it says it was the turnover near assistance. That's exactly which was there which is going to be a factor going forward. Brian everybody thinks nobody seems to leave Clemson. No and head coach has been offered. Some are the D coordinator some job he has been. He's got a son. Two million a year. Love dabo. Everybody loves it there. I mean, and you could see why. Well, and. The players seemed like they were having more fun. They were. Now Lawrence is not bad either. No, I mean, sunshine, six foot, six sunshine. DJ gets there. Throws. I mean till DJ loves Clemson world go, but the Clemson they got going. They got great facilities, Jim, which you know, is an athletic is one of the most important things for getting the kids. I've known, Dan. Forever. Brian the he's done really a good job of providing dabble with everything you need. And I do mean everything. And so you're. One of the highest assistant pools, which he can pay those guys. They don't leave. No, it was her nature when you're winning. You're happy your family's happy an.

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