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I think he was the original off in the first version of it was incredibly and i think they use like plus sending tom round lot more la vinyl but Yeah his thing. Here's the thing what they're doing with with. Most of the universe is car the opposite to what they're doing with gi. Joe a As in original thing everything was based around he man and he was just the focal point. And now it's more of a of an on some both thing whereas snake is everything is not bhai around snake. Hawes love him being off a group and what mates night. 'cause correlate was taking character character and how can you how can you not have. How can you not have stoker in a snake. 'cause origin how can you not have a flint. Lady jaye specifically. Where's road stole. Was his friend in the oval me. Yes so it's it's really bizarre. A chosen to do this. You know i think hammer was was that was a really good choice to play the character and but but it just rushing into it. You know. I mean the that larry home runs from the comex. We see the whole bat story. You see him out with tin tin tin. The timber wolves kimball tend to was the. I don't make tony. I do appreciate. I think snake is is actually quite thankful because of the amount of attention that masters of the universe got this week and no one had a chance to talk negatively about snake justly speaking of masters of the universe track Now we get into the and this is something that bothered you richard. You mentioned it. Before just in terms of going to the portal to the land of the dead up not pre-tourney dead turney would turn at pretending not previous heaven poster neon or something along. Yeah it's something like that. Yeah the name you nine stupid nine. You didn't like post all right. Well the names but the show is made for kids and if that's actually in the lore from forever ago i don't know if they actually used them in the show they are in the returnee was just in originally pretense was just the the old name of it was just turn air in the past. That was by sitting what it was. And i think what they've done with. It is really interesting really cool anyway. Carol but getting down to the underworld though of scant does scare. Gloat voiced by tony. Todd the magnificent tony. Todd this episode has been getting heat saying that he didn't do anything and i just three watched it then mother..

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