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A flurry of crashes no indication as to when that roadway will re open your next traffic update at three eighteen on the traffic leaders Arlene a mostly cloudy continuing overnight with a chance of showers windy with lows in the mid thirties inland to the mid forties of the coast and the bay today breezy and rainy highs in the low to upper fifties will have a high wind watch in effect from Saturday morning through late Sunday night a flash flood watch in effect from today later this afternoon through late on Sunday night for the North Bay interior valleys and mountains traffic and weather together on the aids and all news one of six nine AM seven forty KCBS the CBS news time three ten is our news watch continues well forecasters are warning that an atmospheric river flowing into the region this weekend could bring flash flooding and mud slides to the Kincaid fire burn area KPIX five reporter Joe Vazquez says people across the North Bay spent their Friday preparing after a major fire burns away the greenery the soil is left exposed and hardened such is the case in the Kincaid fires on where thirty say a heavy downpour from an atmospheric river is less likely to soak into the ground instead they're worried about it rushing down hill causing flash flooding and mud slides also there's a danger that ash and debris could cause harm that's why as the rains came earlier in the week cinema county officials began putting out these Hey barriers called Waddell's to try to hold the soil into place in meridian at Fairfax lumber and hardware customers seem more concerned about leaks than flooding I had problems with my Gaidar's writer of small leak or I got you know water from the neighbors coming into my yard I got it I got a fix as KPIX five reporter Joe Vazquez meanwhile as the rainy season kicks into high gear San Francisco officials are urging homeowners to prepare for flooding will rise been is the spokesman for the San Francisco public utilities commission he says the commission recently passed a flood map ordinance requiring property owners to disclose information about whether or not their property could be affected by flooding memories A. right are built upon former watershed and eating creek basis and they're low lying so they're traditionally the ones that if there is flooding during you know these these big storms Reisman says the city can also offer financial assistance for building upgrades that help residents protect their property from flood damage will car break ins have reached epidemic proportions in the bay area KCBS is Mike Cogan says San Jose is an example as seen a fourteen percent increase this woman who didn't want to give her name is at our car broken into several times the last time they actually took it for a joy ride for two and a half weeks she says she's tried everything but nothing seems to work I don't know what else to do I mean I need a car so what are you gonna do you know it's it's like I had to pay the the.

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