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Extra warm clothes out today please please please bundle of your children in if you can it is recommended that you even take them to the bus stop or take them to school today because in just the short amount of time that i've been standing outside this morning it is very cold my hands or nominee everything now back out here live this morning we want to show you this is a perfect example our producer haley had this in her car she has multiple things in here heated holders warm sox even face mass extra hats hand warmers toe warmers you're gonna wanna bring this stuff today with you if you can because you never know when emergencies going to happen state police even telling us that they are keeping an eye out for stalled vehicles along the roadways because hypothermia can senate and you've heard todd give you some advice and some tips this morning so bundle up as you're heading out the door because it is a very very cold start to the day reporting live downtown nicole griffin our tv six all right nicole go ahead inside and bundle level check back in the and about a half hour or a new overnight power outages and tipton county are forcing warming shelters to open up in the early morning hours duke energy actually reporting route 13 100 people are without power in areas of windfall hobbs and west liberty that's just south of kokomo the madison county volunteer fire department and windfall community building opened up us warming centres overnight so the the people without power could find somewhere to go that warm duke energy is hoping to have that power back on by 7 o'clock this morning on monday the coldest prompting the city to ask the salvation army's open up an emergency shelter the city will monitor temperatures today and could as the shelter to open up again and remain open for twenty four hours the salvation army folks telling us they'll be ready if that's the.

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