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Can they ever give it up? Honey, what did you ever see in me? A. Can't walk in they just. Of, has they love you? They'll do. Yeah. They can't have you walking around. Feel good about yourself. You'll be putting off this vibe and you're going to attract something, so they gotta have. They gotTA keep you. They just can't can't fuck. Give it up. I got in bed that night and I thought. This is so such. A dork Phil thought to have my thought. I am happier. That I have a wife that I can call out of a strip club and save. Two Lesbians wanted to have sex with me, and then me and burlap about and she was like. They were GONNA drug. You Steal Your Shit. I'm happy that I have that. Then if I had had sex, two lesbians after shook up like that's means more to me that I got. This partner can be like Yo i. these tubes WanNa. Fuck me and the that's my wife. I was I. was laying in bed giggling. Yes yes, the old days on the road back when you could, fuck can be out there. This is making me. Make Me WanNa do there's a bunch of places that you know. If, it didn't involve me being on a fucking plane. Like how did you get out this? He'd like I would love to go. Do a run at fucking hilarity, but it's just like I don't know. That's an inside Gig, and then it's also like I'm going to sit on a fucking airplane with three hundred other people. Because you know, they're gonNA jammed in there. We have no tour bus I got took the tour bus from La. North Carolina all the way back. North Carolina wait. You drove a tour bus from here to North Carolina. And back then back all right so you GIG on the way out. You're on the way out all the way. Stand up live in Phoenix LAS cruces new. Mexico San Antonio I say that on breaking back. Because I didn't know how to say it's A. It's an interesting city in the middle of in the middle across the Mel Paso halfway between like Phoenix and San Antonio. Sorts of one of the stops when you hit across, you always kind of go. New Orleans San Antonio Las cruces Phoenix, then home or I think las cruces, all the way to l., A. New Mexico yet is. He saying you go PHOENIX. San, Antonio, and then back then we weren't Phoenix Las cruces been Antonio new. Orleans Birmingham. took the ten the hallway. We drove across and then up until Alabama than into north. Carolina and the Charlotte then Greensboro South. Carolina than from Greensboro we went to Indianapolis and the Tulsa than the Oklahoma. City, and then to Fort Collins and Fort Collins to. Salt Lake City Salt Lake City to Hurricane Utah in a Hurricane Utah. La Hurricane Utah's the only one I never did raining. It's that's where that place. We took the riverboat out of the Pontoon boat out whole I've posted a video. We got I got in the middle of the lake. Right swam out to the middle of Lake by myself. Bearn hands I'll do that. We took the dry and I grew up in Florida really good. Thrown down nobody drowns in Florida. Say they take the drone down from like five feet above the water and I said Happy Fourth of July. America stay socially distant, and then they shoot drone up like a thousand feet, and you see that there is no one around me I'm in the middle of the lake, and then we shoot up to the mountain scene in Utah fucking gorgeous. fucking. Cool shot, man. made it out alive. taught us how to swim. And swimming out you can swim. Now is not the best obviously, but swings in the pool swimming we did. We were at a truck. Stop in in new, Orleans and alert. And then and then yesterday two days ago, he jumped off a cliff with a life preserver on jumped off a cliff into the water, popped up like who? Wears Goggles Snorkel. Because? He likes to see what's below him, but yeah, it was great. Good now. That's that's that's good instincts. I don't mind the lake I fucking hate. I will not swim in the ocean. I just will not. these-these Lakes, the lakes in Utah are amazing because they're I. think they're kind of man made, and so there's no predators in. So you can just out at a local through dynamite in their to fish. And now there's nothing left. Yeah! I don't think there's any how. Do you know when I was flying up the coast on Malibu. I didn't other the instructor instructor. Point Ninety Riptide I. Actually saw one looked like from the air. And it was so fucking wildly go. Me Out to sea, so I just kind of do the sidestroked underwater to get out of his fucking thing who the singled like it was like fifty yards wide. Side stroke by the time you got out of it. Like. It's good to see top, so it's like yeah. Few swam up to coaster. Of. Nestle, you would be out of it. But how far out would you be? You'd be? In it. When you're in it, how can you tell that you're not swimming back into it? It's your even realize you're in it. I've been in Riptide a couple times, and you don't realize you're in it until all like all the sudden. You're like Holy Shit, I'm like a hundred yards from the beach and you're like Oh shit. There's a an automatic panic that goes in. And then you're like all right. Come down. Let's just swim sideways.

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