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The alley on the run show. I'm your host alley feller. And every week. I talk with people who are doing cool things on the run and beyond we all share that love for running and that's what brings us all together but of course there is more to life than what happens on the run itself. This show is about the in betweens. The water stops. The bathroom breaks the moments and decisions that have shaped who we are today. And how getting sweaty factors in out. There are certain people that everyone seems to a door today. I have one of those people's beard. Sarah lesko or dr lesko. As she is best known online is so loved in the running community she leads corporate development for was l. and everyone talks about how much they love lesko. It should be a hashtag. I love lesko sally. Bergesen was founder. Is always talking about. Las goes impact on the brand community was athlete advisors carried out your lauren fleischman alison dear. They talk about less goes leadership. Her kindness compassion was professional. Athletes like pass alley on the run show guest rebecca mara the credit. Let's go for much of their professional success. And support of courtney. Carter was l. d. i. Adviser is always onboard. The lesko hype train was als- volaille the massive community of runners. Just like you and me is like a giant lesko fan club. She is loved like so so loved. And i've been hearing less. Goes phrases being sung years and i wanted to know why i wanted to get to know this person who is so universally adored and appreciated so today we are doing just that because let's go herself is here and i loved getting to know her. Finally i love hearing about her childhood. Growing up as part of a commune in about the doctor. Part of dr lesko. I've always known in followed her as a runner and part of the was l. team. But i didn't know much about mom of three family. Medicine doctor go. We talked about what led her to was l. What it's been like growing the brand and why she is so.

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