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Beginning of a new week here beginning new month, we're almost halfway done with twenty twenty. Thank guy. We love another month to go to the halfway mark yesterday my math wrong. But with new week means a new edition, of Monday, night raw, and it will be interesting edition of raw in the sense of that last week Awa. EXTE- did roughly the same number of yours as they were doing before. The pandemic really kicked off at least in terms of at leading to close set shows. They did number similar to early March. Which means that the huge decline not only stopped, but reversed direction on Wednesday night smackdown on Friday, also did a pretty good number now granted, there were extenuating circumstances that being that a lot of networks cut away. In various parts of the country to cover the riots, and as a result, we're going to get a better idea. Today of what the smackdown number actually was. The overnight numbers on Saturday were up there usually down in the final number comes in so. That may be one to completely throw out row last week. You can throw it out because it was Memorial Day so tonight. We're GONNA. Find Out. If raw also is going to see a switch direction in terms of viewership, our fans can start coming back now that me is put wrestlers in the crowd. What happened on Wednesday were fans started coming back as we noted one of the reasons that the Wednesday numbers improved was because people were starting to get burned out on the news, and the news shows were no longer dominated well. That's GONNA probably switch around again today, so it'll be very interesting to to check out these wrestling numbers over the next couple of weeks. We've got a lot of news to talk about here today. We'll get into after the break lower to the phone lines text message lines. And so much more so stick around, and we will kick it off after the break wrestling observer live..

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