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Maybe that's the backlash that we're looking for because that will or is this administration the backlash to what happened under Obama and indefinitely. Yeah. And now there's going to be the other backlash backlash wave within a being the second wave backlash wish on the back lot as his back of backlash, which is the I mean, it seems to me like with me too. And all that stuff is the backlash to this administration. Like, they and black lives matter and all that stuff like, and hopefully, but the question is going to be like, I don't know. Women are winning primaries. Yeah. That here daring Lupe Valdez the for like a lesbian Gannett. I was so great. So great. So great tech Mexican America. I what can I do for you could I make? How can I watch you fucking Florida? Yeah. Bitch slap the entire state of Texas. Okay. So you have this section about I really loved this one. I mean, there's there every single chapter is like worth the price of the book. So even if you if you get it, and I should say is a dollar, exactly guys. But there's a payment plan you can lay away. It's just like tai-bo if you don't really remember tai-bo fucking, Billy blanks. I will I had to go to his actual real place here in the valley. And I was like this is what for tai-bo with Billy blanks. And it was like we had to hit a brick and mortar. Yes. And it was enormous like in the video like enorthfield literally talking about like. Okay, son. I think I don't know if Billy blanks die, but his son does it has a new I think it's still around. Absolutely. I mean, it's so next level. So but every chapter if you don't read like just get it and read one chapter and you'll and you'll be then you'll have to have an audio book. If you. If better wanna go together into coin toys of tones of the voice. Yeah. It's almost like a it's almost like a self hope book in a way, which is why you should read. You could go back and read a chapter in and of itself for its own self and be like kind of feel about me today. It's like a law and order. Yeah. Yeah. You could you for now it is evergreen. And I think the audio book is genius. Because then because you already do a podcast. So it's like it'd be like listening to your podcasts. It's just like that except seventeen. I mean, oh my God. Okay. So the sec there was a chapter about calling women girls instead of women. So like, it's so profound. And so does so deep into everything I need to like psychoanalyze like his language. It's everything I like love how do you feel about? Now, we do this. So I just wanna say we're self-aware hypocrites. Like an all a lot of things joy. We're like you too. So how do you feel about women calling other women like bitches and sluts? I love it. Okay. I love it. Okay. I think it's great. I love calling people cut. Okay. Good and bad. I think it young change in the in. Yeah. So you don't count attack. It's bad to be like Fitch, please or yo-. Okay. I love it because I like talking in an aggressive way. Anyway. Yeah. And I'm not going to win. I just don't it just, but I feel like it's powerful. But I I know people who are like you can't do the girl versus women thing. I don't like when people when it's so so so prevalent in a way that is just. Used to show youth as a currency or. Yeah. The just the tropes of like if you're woman is called girl in a book, she's likely to die or Josh shit. Like that where you're like, wait, this is a pattern in everyone's following. So there's some message going out to millions of people that this is an okay thing to do. You may like goal with friends. I'll call it a friends. Yeah. Hey or the cop who or guy? Yeah. That's the best like girl, please. But but you cut off like what like do you have an age that you cut off as far as girl? Like, I mean, I I will. I it meant matter to me because I feel like I do that..

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