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Good Morning New York. This is the catch table John Cats. Td's here Sunday morning what's going on what's going on in Albany would is today as minority leader of the state. Senate John Flanagan Good Morning Senator Flanagan. How are you doing very well? John Always Nice to be with you on good Sunday Sunday morning. And thank you so much rap. Well I'm glad you're with US and You know ever since there's a super majority looks like of Democrats in orbiting passing all these new rules businessmen have take extra aspirin And a a lot of them saying well Muslim moved to Florida. Now you guys the the when the Senate Republicans had a majority already along with the Independent Democrats together. You added a balance of power. You added a Luba Sanity. What's going on? Where's the sanity? These days Chattanooga is non-existent at all and we are seeing the absolute Realize liked application of one party rule. The governor is to blame the Senate Democrats simply Democrats none of the skates responsibility. They won the election last year. And they you know they get credit were done but I think they are destroying the state of New York not only in a criminal justice way. Social Policies well economic development is joke it's laughable label in terms of what's being done. We have the most sweeping rent control law that one could possibly imagine. I don't know anyone who has property would like contingent invest in real estate so there are significant ramifications in terms of taxes and driving people out of your it was tough already driving people out of New York but I don't want to just pay a negative picture. I still think we have tremendous opportunities but you know the Democrats campaign and now the governing governing you have to be held accountable for the actions taken and they are not represented interested the taxpayers and not representative interest a bit class chapter verse. Unfortunately I give you chapter and verse it Very Big Way. Well you know I is a businessman. We were in the real estate development business and we must have spent a ton on a money of a billion dollars over the last three or four years and The fact is With all these new regulations I put things on hold on most. Is there any hope to compromise. The simple thing is we have an Alexa Alexa next to their past election day. This week next year is critical not only nationally but here at the state of New York so my job is to help recruit candidates. My job is to help raise money with my colleagues and deliver a proud coherent concise message that represents real people don't kill you with regulations relations. Don't kill you a taxes. Don't kill you with burdens that make you WANNA pick up and roof stadium. York gives you a ray of hope on criminal justice on things like that Berkshire that the Pentagon that really swung wickedly and far left this year contract and I still think we have a very Sean Chancellor John you're a Daihatsu. I want you to stay. I've lived my entire life and I still not living empire state but we have to have significant change. The Democrats have to be held accountable accountable for their disastrous public policies. And my for all kinds of different all kinds of different things he. MTA suggestion pricing again. how academic development. That doesn't recognize anything here. He talked about. We have a statewide approach. You haven't ta capital plans. They only speaks to the city of New York. There's not whatever craft talking about Long Island or they'd huts where the downstate region or western New York or the north country. That's bad that is bad way to approach this. They should not be at the city centric venture. I love the city but it should be the only consideration. Democrats one party rule is demonstrating. The air policy are way way different than the average taxpayer. The other thing that all New York is not just business people are panicking about is the police are upset that Nobody's going to be able to get arrested. Everybody's going to get whatever they call it a CB the Ticket So you can rob a store in the morning. It'd be out before the cops finish making up the The arrest just record and Robin screw store. In the afternoon you unfortunately couldn't be any more correct the policies it were an active we're done in. Hasten haste makes sways there were plenty of discussions about things like raise the age. You're out after much much much. Deliberation the policies that came forward from the Democrats that's totally totally undermine law enforcement totally undermine our district attorney's at our police officers and it sends an awful message to the public that it's the criminals who are getting the right and the victims are not being properly paid attention to Senator Galveston Centers Reno colleagues my all across state. We are really going on hammering necessarily people you know right now is committed. Domestic Violence Acura affects act. You may not have bail unless it's something something like a murder you're not gonNA be happy bail. There are so many negative things and they didn't for one second. Listen to real people. They didn't listen to the district attorney's they listen to the police and a lack of respect is being demonstrated in the city of New York and outside for who people put their lives on the line. Every single take for you. If they think it's horrific and out again we will be delivering that message and we want to foster an agenda and created a jet honor. Give us some hope. Give give give New Yorkers some hope that that rational thinking US combat I will yeah. I'll give you hope we'd have to as I said we need to get our message out there. We need to get the public behind us. And I believe that the public is finally shaped what the Democrats and by the way. The scary part is they're going to go much. Further less next year is watch part because many of the facing primaries because some that don't think that they're radical enough so that's it's going to make things more challenging but it's going to give us opportunities to really paint a contrast in terms of who we are what we stand for why we are in line with the taxpayers tax payers in the middle class average far work citizen and they are not understood. Senator John Flanagan thank you for coming on. We're out of time and thank you for loving snow. What's going on in our state in the and giving us hope that things will get back to rationale all right terrific? Thank you so much thank you. This is the catch roundtable. We write back..

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