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A superstar come tell you this right now if you don't have your tickets to watch me Kelly right Daddy good to shop towards that team is loaded this season is going to be a great year and disagreements will team is going to be I think it's going to be his best since he's been here it is ten seasons to soak it all out there and watch the bottlers coaches that got his years on the other side of the hall of fame office of line Steve against second offense of line to touch on a couple times at the deadline is struggling right now he was years old your view upstairs Sir is two fifty six to play in the second quarter box on top so it is six third down and sixteen fourteen airline Montez play action through the screen to the right side did they give him the first he was thirty six yes six of sixteen yards would you put the ball in the hands of number two just about eighty percent of the time it's a first down the thirty yard line with two and a half to play the plus a one point lead Montez the pistol step turns to his right there's a flag yeah we got Katie Nixon on a cool the way so they work right in front of the official you know when you're down here number seventy but the you know when your answers everything looks orchestrating course when you're down here everything moves so fast soon you get such a you know when you're down you're always used to tell the guys in the media come down the sideline see the one on one battle creek this game is really played there is a leader in the room or the drive rather first at a table twenty it's a quarter thirty six these twisted he gains seventeen yards attack a little to get second down and three goals for their time to the buffalo market opened up like a case second link P. three yards Montez really shocked the full story you talked about this the pregame at some point somebody that'll fix of lines you have to grow with these past orders say this they just sit all foods look like everybody it might have been Tim Justin Snapple inspirations this he is heading to the thunder she's going in the locker room police we won't see him back other offensively for the remainder of this second down in three becomes second eight thirty two yard line with a point forty two to play in the second quarter also top SO two six and there is a nother flag the full story because there was all kinds of defense agreement easy to heal the fifth year senior linebacker for Stanford Casey to hills in the mail the major war in college football four years ago music is a great student more seven six here we go second down and three over the thirty seven yard line high step down handled month is used Alex bought no right side he gave the hammer the three almost two has the power to the right side third down and a little over your before Tommy Schaefer was there to bring him down with ninety seconds remaining quickstep candle he's got the first first take this step dropping looking scanning seven second it's a great job by Stephen we also made a break great break down the sideline here is Stephen would have time to the phone and I think he had a touchdown but he still did a good job going back to quarterback testing but had to buy you some time running to the east side of the field one oh seven to play sixty seven seconds remaining in the second quarter the buffaloes marched down the field on their opening drive looked outstanding it call it with a thirteen yard run for a touchdown hi Steven my rushing touchdown of the season it also put him over the ten thousand yard mark total offense joining sepuluh fell that category you still looking for tough still number one that would be the record center here today we get sixty seven seconds remaining in the second quarter the buffaloes after strutting her couple field goals leave at seven six our time is there goes from three to one they got it back up we got two left we have plenty of time here his his numbers ten thirteen passing one hundred fourteen yard touchdown he's got a this season however your senior level is moving right to left has more posts what either side this gives you the locker room he will be out there for Colorado stands out of the shot he's got a running back up is right here he's looking right he delivers the first he's two thirty four yard line it's a key to people we tackle the possible to settle down yeah they moved pulls in the ball to the left side because we've been we've been complete passes on our right side they moved over to that side away from the from the side and he started on first down and ten for this two hundred thirty four yard line the buffaloes with gold helmets dressed in black formation looking on the west side of the stadium he scampered inside the twenty five twenty three first Kelly was there the tackle receivers well that was a that was a run defense when you have that you get those cookies and that's just what they did they just a little quick out there to Katie he was able to pick up first and fifty eight seconds remaining in the first half of the buffaloes on top seventy six first only three months he's got a hold on one side to side he was twenty he goes down to be eighteen that's a gain of six okay breed linebacker reserve a tackle with fifty seconds remaining in the cold usually seventy six mark I'm gonna do it proper to sideline reporter got a just doing it I I'm coaches get back coaches so you know he's been walking the sidelines for you like he did it is all of a little close to the field but I one comes our way run the fans the defense we call our for the buffaloes with fifty two seconds remaining in the second quarter the bubbles the question is will be one nine southern cal state twenty eight to seven the Trojans second please stand moving right to left he's got this right here he signaled to Katie next he said he was Roland defense and that's why he's Katie down to a duty and they had it covered and he did not have someone to go to we didn't have anybody in his mind that he wanted to go to match between either side of the ball forty three seconds remaining the eighteen yard line with a four man defensive stance was creeping up tens stands in a pistol formation he glances over he's got it was Ryan the ball was snapped it'll make it fourth down and five for the eighteen goal time for Colorado well like I said sometimes you're playing it sometimes play behind we got caught a plea behind their Stanford took control of that as disappointing but only five point two hundred first career is getting hit the issue he will not kick today and lessen its emergency the young player kick from the twenty four it's a thirty four yard field goal with seconds remaining sixty three a thirty four yard field goal by employees lose extend their lead to ten to six thirty two seconds remaining in the second quarter report coming up Jennings would get you a scoreboard update the country in college football is going to be down on the field for a whole fame class on Thursday night doctor who the call with the cold Jenny Simpson help me out for Colorado his number hanging up here on the west side of the stadium six numbers to be retired we should say lose the ability to six thirty two seconds remaining in the second quarter also check numbers and ready for the second half this place Texas will for the for side Lancelot for yours the billion so really not too still in the Stanford office could still was first ten the fifth year senior for Stanford football seventeen passing for ninety one yards six of three by the way but I Stanford quarterback to throw for more than six thousand yards which Mel Tucker coming back on the field at the time thirty two seconds play for ten six who's telling the twenty five yard line after the tone most of the shot he's got a running back to his left he hands off the wheel he's swallowed up a loss of three yards defense Carson wells reserve a tackle Sam was stuff that Johnson in lamb in right there they stop the red line scrimmage second down with ten seconds remaining still distant rose to park in the middle the tight and makes the who is like a shadow and for the Stanford cardinal way to gain of six ML brings to the good have standard card six the for their halfway home drive stepped in five game losing streak will take a time out come join us with our college football scoreboard down numbers gets ready.

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