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Jin's, friends, twenty at checkout. So let's talk more about your writing. Because you have this amazing skill set. And you've honed it with all these essays in sort of online pieces and articles. And so now you've written your first book of essays? I would love to hear all about. It is called my squirrel days phenomenal title, which I wanted to know about that. So we can just talk a little bit about hell this came to be and what we can expect out of it. And also what was that writing process like for you because writing a book is different than writing article so writing the book was awful at night. Love it. Yeah. And you do it's like getting it's one thing to have a story or an idea in your head. And as you know, getting it down on the paid is. I mean, you just wanna throw yourself out the window. It is. So really do what it's weird because I'm like, I'm not in physical torment right now. Like, I'm not in pain at this. I would leave at one, you know, higher again babysitter. Squirrel is say like hide yourself way for three hours and and try to right? Well, okay. It's empty your brains to you if nothing give no worse and you merge with nothing, and you feel like what for those three hours and that wasted babysitter money because you have nothing to show for it. And I can only assume that that's just part of the experience in like, even though you didn't write any. There's like two words on the it's just your name you. I think your brain. I can only hope that your brain was working through some of the stuff. So I do think that process was very difficult..

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