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Not just an adult website. It was to me it was off I get it. They have the little dragon ball fan made Flash videos and shit, but I used to play looking at I used to I used to play them games like like like sports games like Candy Crush what is genre called? Like the three stacks where the ship disappears? What is that called? Like puzzle games or something? You played huniepop. Yeah. I used to play games like that. But like not it wasn't a hint I ship they used to have like no I'm doing is to be like on the Block falling games and they have naked bitches in the background. You know what I'm talking about in middle school that shit was letra be a computer science class playing fucking huniepop with naked pictures of the background and show like the flog. It's crazy to didn't know I didn't say my 0 Stars The Flash game too. I remember the original footage no no. No that was a unity game. We lost two D. Yeah. It was a to decide. I thought it was okay now it could have been a flash game but no choice still have that the hour remember the the series Oz novice that okay. It was I think it was on HBO. Yeah, it was on a Bo and I didn't know what it was cuz I didn't have HBO when I was growing up boy when I went on Newgrounds like it was this interactive game called eyes and again like you're supposed to be beige and in the prison and they use like actual characters from like The Wizard of Oz and when I found out later on when I was like, you know, it's a bunch of like gay stuff and in this in this dead and that's what odds really was but they're like made into a flash version and I was like what the hell but it was like entertain me though. When I played the the new grounds game just because it was like interactive and crap like people were getting stabbed. In all this though, but I was like what the hell cuz I know was real I didn't I didn't I thought like they made it up but it was like based off of the they feel serious eyes. And then when I found out like what I was actually I was like, oh shit like this is this is crazy. Like used to be some some like some interesting things on new ground though, like people did like crazy job like using that hmm. So often repeated flash games, man, you sound like a bunch of old heads talking about this shit Xbox 360 was like here's a war one. Is that a flash kick off is as IP to flash me sending you to the salute you serve the people you said two people. You helped me get through High School. Let's talk about some that really matters the KFC Council so off on Twitter KFC, they actually have an official page Casey gaming they announced they're coming out with their their so they're calling it a console but this is a PC and they're claiming that it's going to be able to do 4K visuals at a stunning stunning. Had two hundred and forty frames and the kicker is it has a built-in little like shelf inside of the the console where you can keep your chicken warm going to have the latest graphics card. It's going to have a case made by Cooler Master ray-tracing VR ready. What's this doing for you ethos? Yeah, I think it's fire. Looks like a great piece of tech. I can put my chicken tenders in and keep it warm definitely going to make Samurai zero available on that platform. Would you change what if KFC came to you? And it was like look man fifty million dollars done make it an exclusive sign as you're not even a question not even questioned not even a hesitation in my mind done. God damn and they and they and they're going to pay you a chicken Chicken Shack one teacher good. What's your biggest pumpkins? What what do you think is the point of this like is this supposed to get a excited about their chicken? Like I don't know how long the KFC people like keeps their name and their people's mouths cuz the double caps and so you think that, you know, you can still keep their name and the chicken in their mouth. Yep, but that the chickens nasty. So what that's not going to change the fact that the name Nasty people don't play by it. If their chicken was nasty, they wouldn't be in business was the thing. They didn't well, they're sort of last month. You remember remember when he was in LA. Did you get that Purgatory Pizza what Purgatory Pizza see it was it was so nasty don't even remember and you didn't pay for it. Yeah I paid for it, but you still hate it because it was freaking, Boston office or was it was it know? Was it Boston? Remember? You know, it was it was it was it was it was we had to yeah, we had pizza in Boston too. And it was also terrible and piece of wool bar. Yeah, that's you know, you remember cuz I remember when I was in LA and we drove past it was like Purgatory Pizza that shit is either 5 or trial, you know? Yeah, but okay, it was me and black talking about and I bought it everybody and everybody a Timber and agreed. It was trash department trying to make is the point I'm trying to make is just because something is still available. Does it mean it's good some people just eat it. Like there might be somebody out there is buying it. But there's more people getting it for free. Maybe, you know, people are just okay. Is giving away their chicken for free? No, but you know, somebody bought it for like some friends like one person's but they have whales basically Gotta Eat, you know how free-to-play free to play games have whales KFC as well as you say they got whales people buying this page and yeah big fat bitches by and chicken for you David you like crazy the fuck. I'm indifferent to KFC. Like I'll eat it. Like I don't think it's like the worst chicken I've ever had in my life name far worse places in KFC, but it's not like, you know plus also you gotta remember to over in Japan. They love KFC that shit is cracked their formulas different as well as like lighting we love to see is different page is very very different and it's banned. So, yep, so they're not terrible. Yeah, you gotta keep in mind that we pump up our chickens with steroids and preservatives and shakes. I remember black telling me when you went to the UK. He was like the chicken and the beef tastes completely different cuz the laws are different they don't allow that stuff when we were in Sweden and I was telling you how like I tried this fishing and I was like, oh my God, like, I mean, they don't know how to season but I was like I could tell it just tasted different cuz it just felt awful. Tasted fresh compared to what we're used to yeah. I also remember those nasty-ass salad sandwiches. They just absolutely terrible. Terrible. Very bougie. I wish they had some Solace and peppers somewhere Brave was hard to find anywhere. I remember that. I got a vegan chicken sandwich from there was actually really good though. I was surprised by there was a problem there McDonald's it was good. I chatted McDonald's. I was I was terrified but nothing was in English. I was trying to decipher him that was terrifying in Sweden apps are for it. That's what I did. I used the Google app. I put it all look like a stupid tourist. I'm a grandma to do walk by he's like, hey, are you from California or like off the fucking at the first stage? You heard of Kelly accident? Yeah. I've never heard of Kelly accent. You've been over here too long big dog. But this this fucking KFC Council, they didn't they didn't say well you can buy it. So I don't know if you can buy it. I feel like it's a novelty item. They're going to send out to influencers. Maybe I feel like it's a joke one. I'd be very surprised that they legitimately try to sell us on the market wage. KFC, let me get one bro. I'll do a review and then I'll give it away baby. Cuz cuz what is the safety behind this? I refuse to believe that it's safe to play cyberpunk at alter. Am I gay or cuz we burn down your house. It probably play cyberpunk better than the PS4 every now with the with the stuff right now. He's probably plays it better than the PS5. Everybody knows the Google stadia has the best version of cyberpunk. Come on guys. It does affect a true gaming platform. I just refuse to believe that it's safe. I keep chicken heated up while you're gaming and then Imagine The Fire Marshal coming to your house when you burn down your house over the you burned it over like chicken gaming console. What? I don't know man, but let me get my free do cuz I ain't trying to pay for this shit. There's no announcement date on when it's supposed to come. They just announced it got they clout said it might never come out cuz I stayed on the website either we going to see we're going to.

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