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For the final four and one? We'll be ready once not an updates the standings not a what do you have? What are the records? I believe I took the lead last week, I believe. That's my understanding. Sir, unfortunately, you didn't take the lead. You're getting closer to 500. You are 20 and 22. Norlander just happened to be 25 and 17. 25 and 17 you say. Okay. Oh, I like that mug though. You only know what I'm talking about if you're watching on YouTube. And if you're watching on YouTube, smash the like button. Brandon Davies will do it. Seriously, hit the damn like button. You're just sitting there. Just smash it. You have nothing else to do. I'm trying to drink coffee to a final four and one. Find a new Baylor player's name because I forgot to do it last night. I got a lot of hurtle. I got a lot of stuff going on right now. How about how about this? Let's do a little live interaction. Let's have the listeners in the chat submit a bunch of Baylor names, not a can throw in our private chat. He can throw three or four of his favorites, and then by the time we get to the podcast, parish will have picked one. I've already got one. I tried, I tried folks. But you can let people pick and then we could trick them into thinking it's gonna matter. You could just trick them. Just trick them. Let's pick these games. Ready? I'm ready. Game one. Saturday. 1230 p.m. eastern. Michigan. At number ten, Michigan state inside the machine cleaves center, Kim pom has at Michigan state. -5, you can watch it on CBS. It's America's most watched network. It's the network of stars. I think I remember people saying they hated that music when you did this. No, we're going to bump our music and bring it back. I think I remember people saying they hate it. Is that a good level for you? Sounds like it. All right. All right, so this is a CBS game. America's most watched network. Michigan, showing some life as.

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