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Kcbs, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek discussed on KCBS Radio Afternoon News


Four here in interview again by listening to KCBS via radio dot com rewind the CBS traffic and weather before we get to that to six day forecast let's get you up to speed literally and figuratively on roads as we check back with conventional in your local Honda dealers traffic center well better news the in Santa Rosa will start with good news this update brought to you by DuckDuckGo privacy protesters who moved on to the freeway one oh one north bound between college Avenue and Steele lane have been cleared from the lanes and moved onto surface streets to traffic it is moving once again not the case though in Walnut Creek and it it's because we had a large group of protesters from an earlier March walked onto northbound six eightieth Egnatia valley road blocking all the lanes backing up traffic at the Walnut Creek interchange I can see it now jammed on both what twenty four eastbound and northbound six eighty we're getting calls from the KCBS phone for south bound six eighty is backed up to monument Boulevard so ongoing delays there I've seen tweets that police were is using tear gas so we're keeping a close eye and that an ongoing delays unfortunately in Walnut Creek we also want to have a serious accident on Patterson pass road got calls about this east bound east of Greenville and overturned major injuries and that's why traffic has been jammed up there we've got crowds continuing to gather in Oakland to A&E in downtown San Jose and Santa Clara street near city hall and we also have a bart closure the nineteenth street Oakland station close to a to protest activity there so we're gonna.

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