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But dwayne half would be on deck. Meaning if rudolph is struggling. I don't think tom would hesitate a in the blink of an eye to say half during their. Let's get if ben rothlisberger would retire at the end of the year. Could you see. Dwayne haskins being the quarterback. Qb one next year. I think it would at least be a competition with mason. Rudolph information for find that one year extension. There's past off seasons that are guaranteed to have him in the fold for the twenty twenty you. i think it would be a legitimate. Can't battle to see who would be the starting quarterback and that's to assume that they're not gonna do something crazy like trade up and get a quarterback in the draft or anything like that. I think that if the steelers trust both of these players enough. I don't think one quarter is going to have a given to them. It's gonna be who earns it in the preseason and training camps with year. really interesting battle to watch. I have to think that don't to be honest with you. I think the base and rudolf like i said would be the leader in the clubhouse and that competition but happens would be far behind. What do you make a benny. Snell's roll coming up obviously nausea harris's drafted to be running back one but how many snell be using the offense this season Not much if you asked me. He's an injured. All of training camp Last season was very. He had kinda hit or miss. You know you have some good games Early on in the season and the steelers kind of abandoned the wrong altogether but he hasn't been available this other training camp. You know they always say your best abilities your availability and he hasn't had that and so when you think about nausea harris and the way that mike tomlin and his offense is like us the running back he wanted to get all the carries until he literally need a break and so far in training camp. It's been anthony mcfarland second-year back to maryland. It's been getting the carry And then you had thrown kaelin balaj. Who's kind of a journeyman. Now is breaking several. Nfl team. he has been playing well. He's been getting rave reviews. Mike tomlin. i'm not sure. How many running backs. They're willing to keep it right now. Then he smells the odd man out into people wanna talk about you know projected yard i. I wouldn't expect much from benny's now if he makes it interesting. Jeff hartmann upon the cart and joining us here on pushing the odds so when you look at the defense obviously tj. Watts had just an incredible star to his nfl career. But who else has flashed here in training. Camp defensively pittsburgh. Well i mean. I think if you're looking at outside linebacker dalek. Highsmith your Last season he came in and looked good spelling depre- end or what he can rush from both sides and now this year everyone expected that big sophomore jump. And that's exactly what he has provided us for now granted. It's a small sample size and it's a preseason but in my opinion you can glean something from the preseason regards to you are dominant. Even if you're going up against the backup you're gonna make them look silly and that's exactly what he's done i think he's going to be an impact player. Everyone thinks you know was out free. How's that going to impact tj wide. I think. Alex is an melvin ingram. Let's not forget about him. He's healthy and looks really good. they're going to be able to counteract you know in in kind of place but the as a combination. I think the pass rush russia's still going to be unbelievable you you figure to it'll be back hayward Lulu upfront you..

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