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They can win that division. Well, a different team has won that division every year since O four. So I know it's not going to be the cowboys, but likely the eagles will see if somebody else like the Giants or the commanders can step up at pretty long odds. One more NFL thought, which second year quarterback has the better year this year, I think we can take Zach Wilson out because we know he's going to miss at least four weeks of time. So Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Davis mills. Davis mills. That's the guy. Like, here's the thing. This is crazy with Davis mills. If you look at his yardage prop for the year. It's around 3700 yards. Now off the top of your head, you go, that's insane. How is he going to throw for those kind of yards? Who is he throwing the ball to? Well, he's throwing the ball to a very good receiver, but a guy who's also hurt all the time. You know his name, don't you? Brandon cooks? There you go. That's the guy. Now Brandon cooks yardage prop. This is even crazier. Brandon cooks yardage proper this year. I think it's right over a thousand yards. So explain to me the math of this whole thing. If Brandon cooks, you had 800 yards receiving last year in like 30, I think they only played 11 games together last year due to injuries and everything else. So if you got 800 yards in 11 games, if he plays all 17, not only is Brandon cook's gonna clear that 1000 yards, but Davis mills should easily go over his yardage prop. This is the guy to bet on. He's gonna have a scary good year. Out of all these second year quarterbacks, nobody's expecting anything of him. My only concern really is that love you Smith is the head coach. And you don't have a seasoned offensive coordinator. This is not a coach who says, okay, let's throw the ball 40 times a game. Because if they did, he could have a Blake bortles type here in Jacksonville where he threw

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