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Get right to the hot nuts notes all right so up. I two biggest news of the day is the democratic debates. And that's Those are going to be tonight if you're listening tonight as a patron tonight if you're listening as he played in tomorrow there's Day they've already happened yet and I think it's fair to say that this might be the most anticipated debate so far absolutely. Yeah because we finally get to see my Bloomberg on stage yet after. He effectively opted out campaigning. In the state to the first few primaries and caucuses wasn't even on the ballot at all and He's not on the Nevada bell either so he's gotten quite reputation for buying his way into the races on that are happening. Super Tuesday. Yeah interesting to see him to beating. Stay where he's not even eligible. He's not even on the ballot. Yeah do you remember. Joe Biden's reaction that I came out. He was like what he yeah. He's not even on the ballot. This is weird okay fine. So he's going to be there. It's it's just also funky. I can't the DNA fuck is very funky the DNC rule change shows makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I mean it makes sense if you have a friend that you're trying to get into the election. I'm sorry I'm trying so hard to not be negative about any of the candidates. Doing a great job is just so fucking weird like I. I think that it's okay to have complex feelings about this like anyone's better than trump but to have bad feelings about someone who is doing things that we as progressives don't necessarily support yeah being said yes that being said best wishes be best but yeah Buddha. Judge clubs are burning album said last night at the presidential town hall. They all like did their own thing on CNN They all said that. They don't think Bloomberg should have the right to buy his way into the election so they're pretty pissed. Yeah everybody's very pissed about that lately. I think it's unfair and fucked up and They're really Jones convergence to attack him right now so by the way is worth so much money like sixty billion dollars or something. Sorry what was that. A six million is is what is what is what. Bloomberg is worth. Oh Jesus Christ yeah. They say that doesn't seem to be interesting. I think this is probably it's kind of a pivotal one right Because it's all about to change after Nevada after Super Tuesday like should getting really real so this is a really really important debate and I'm very curious to see what happens later. And by the time this airs for everyone what will have happened. But I'm I'm you know the thing is that people are GonNa want to go after Bloomberg but they're also going to need to go after Bernie but Bloomberg kind of proves Bernie's points in a Lotta ways so I don't know it's fascinating. I think for instance some extent. Yeah I think so too. It's just Y- Bloomberg has such a massive target on his back right now because he's got the target for multiple reasons one Like I said he's got that immense scrutiny on him due to all the money that poured into states last minute That looks like it's actually resulted in him. Surging some polls handsome very interesting some national polls. Yeah it's fucking weird Fucking weird. That's what's happening but yeah I think it's it's very sort of. I don't think anybody knows how to interpret it exactly I think it's kind of I don't want I don't know if it's I haven't been around long enough to say that this is unprecedented. But it seems like it is I know. Cabrera Bernie Bernie spent like ten million dollars on ads like TV ads. Bloomberg's put in like one hundred seventy four million. I think three hundred million three hundred million across. Maybe this was. Just an uncertain. Christ Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah just the scale. But he has putting into sin is not even comparable. It's just it's wild and it's working It is working. He also has a he really big target on his back for his really fucked up past policies in words that perpetuated racism and some pretty unforgivable ways but I guess that's the question can he be or will he be forgiven He certainly will not be forgotten because I have a feeling the word stop and Frisk and racism will be said many many times by all the candidates on that stage tonight. Yeah and he also has said some really crappy things about lgbt people and you know he's called transgender people as recently as a year ago. Jesus Christ I don't love that. Did he was he was he? How do you know the context that he was like? Yeah it was like being sarcastic or something. No he wasn't now either way. I think this was maybe only a year or two ago and he said you know in a race for a a presidential race. We shouldn't be talking about whether or not a man is wearing address. Or whether he she or it can use the bathroom. Something along those lines. It was really gross. And Yeah again. I maintain and he's probably less dangerous. Donald Trump and you know of course we will use this platform to support the Democratic nominee. Yet it's hard for me to to throw my support behind someone who says things like that. Yeah in the very recent past yet. It does kind of feel like meteor like a little bit Just kind of how fast and how hot is coming in. It's like war where it wait. Where's this coming from? No one was not prepared for this. I guess it was just like I mean Darkwa is definitely the wrong word. 'cause I feel like a dark horse candidate is usually someone that you're like her. I like an underdog. Yeah yes underdog. Actually where where it's like. I don't know if I'm on a Horse Museum Pegasus that God has seemingly lifted up in these times it is really hard to strike that delicate nuance right between like understanding that that anyone is better than trump and that in that and also I think too with Bloomberg coming in and make some of the people who've been calling much. More centrist seem a little bit less centrist. It's all about perspective. Yeah Biden's like calling him or he right. I'm life caboodle. Judge thank you. We have these people these folks. They seem like yeah very very liberal. When compared to some of the policies that Bloomberg put out a lot of noon I have made our bar political stances somewhat clear and so it. Yeah we're more centrist. Now give you some perspective on being like Maybe not as much Yeah yeah he is just like and like He just means so many shitty comments like when they when they stopped Redlining right like not being able to deny like housing loans right to people of Color. Essentially he said that like when that happened when that change happened. That's what contributed to the great recession and stuff. It's just like fucking incredibly inexcusable. Things that he said that he is out of touch with working people. It would seem yeah working. People people color like you said. Lgbtq folks just really. I don't know it's like I'm not even these are not even opinionated. Things that I'm saying right now. I guess you could probably tell them my pin is but but then these are objective. Things you know. And so he objectively has said these things and then these things and I think he has a objectively more problematic past right now than any of the candidates sutter on that stage. It would seem. Yeah it would seem especially when you rope in his relationship with like trump kind of over the years that people are starting to. I'm not I'm not throwing that shit out there saying that. They have some kind of like deeper ties. That's not what I mean to say. But you know. Cnn and other major media news outlets are reporting stuff like did the. He wants said that he was like a trump guy or so some shit. I don't know that's just. He's just getting attacked for that point. I think look I think whether it's like it or not to what extent it's true. I have no idea. And I'm not trying to perpetuate stuff that I don't know if it's like truly been corroborated so given the other candidates that we have running it's clear that for you and Jordan this is not our favorite outcome Mil So it's not any of the other day like no the fact that there's a candidate that's about to be on the stage. All the candidates are banding together. Essentially to be like fuck you dude. Fuck this shit. Yeah I think that means something to and I think that for that reason it is okay for us to to to back them up and with them. Yeah like Yup. I think so too. Yeah I it it. It's yeah. Yeah how are the? How are the voters of Nevada? Supposed to feel tonight as I ask these questions you know right and we can actually didn't give a shit about our state so exactly then it's like I don't even really want to hear your answer. 'cause I couldn't even vote for you if I wanted to write his just very strange. Very strange that's enough bloomer. Talk of course Bernie also has a huge target on his back. Because he's like the front runner like double digits front runner. He's looking in credibly solid going into Nevada. He's GonNa get a lot of shit for that but also for his health. That's a huge thing. People are talking about last couple of days because in his town hall yesterday he was like. Yeah. I'm not going to release more medical records ever released enough and some people are like well. That doesn't work for us. Yeah so he's getting a lot of shift for that How do you feel about that? I feel like he's really stood up. I mean his National Press Secretary tweeted out like that he had shared sufficient records. And I don't know I'm looking around the country. He seems fine to me. I would rather I would rather have two weeks of a sanders administration than anything else. People say he'd better I was just GonNa say also I will say I have seen some warrant supporters very ripening angry about the fact that she's been left off of some of the polls released recently with general matchups between trump so some media electa it's like closure versus trump Buddhadev versus trump Bloomberg's is trump sanders versus trump. Leaving her off. That's fucked up. It is and so it's like just because she hasn't done incredibly well in the first two states her supporters are saying like hey like you're starting to write if our campaign and ignore us. Yeah cool before it's due So Yeah Shitty that I noticed and at a time when the field is like you know pretty well established and as small as it's ever been to so that's incredibly noticeable. Yeah that's messed up. Yeah Yeah we'll see what happens You Know Blake. I'm very curious to see what happens in this debate. And then how what happens in Nevada? Yes I think there's going to your home state Homestay there's GonNa be a lot of I mean rule. Ninety one was just the most tragic thing that's ever happened in that city. So there's going to be so many questions I think centered around gun control for sure because it's a really Nevada especially Las Vegas. Yeah I grew up in Las Vegas during the debates. And it's like it's such an interesting group of people there's a decent amount of liberal people there like a pretty decent amount but then there's also it it almost has like a yeah. It has a country. Western vibe like like a desert country Western vibe. Sorta thing where it's a lot of like dirt biking and guns and triple state. There's a lot of that stuff but then there's a lot of complex people that live there that have some of that and some of this you know and I think There are a lot of really really amazing democratic politicians. That have come out of that city Harry Reid and third so many. There's a lot of blue support there But I think yeah. The questions that they ask tonight are going to be representative of the population there. Yeah especially and also on snow in mind that it's thirty percent. I think thirty percent of the Democratic primary voters there are Latino ten percent black. So it's it's so much more diverse than the states we've previously seen yet is a real diversity. Yeah Yeah I think. And there's a lot of there's like a lot of it. Wealth inequality in that city to and that's generally reflected in the questions that are asked to this is about the economy and everything The ad it's such an interesting city so it'll be great debate. I'm excited. I'm very excited. Mostly as he how Bloomberg. No-one dragged the PODCAST OR AG for Jordan personal opinions about any of these things. No yes that always goes without saying yes. This is are the bosses away but yeah. The caucuses are three days away. It really looks like Bernie is GonNa take it not just saying that that is. That's what the best policy us but we'll see what happens and I mean who knows. There could be like some crazy. Snafu that happened. I don't know I did see some representatives from the Iowa site leader for the Caucasus. Who was like this might be fucked up just so you know like like like mess like they mess like like. I can't remember what the guys name was but I saw him. Msnbc or something and he was saying we were supposed to be. You know be shown technology to help us with this thing or this thing and we weren't shown it and we're behind information and so there's a I mean I think that there are people out there who are preparing us for the possibility that there's going to be more tomfoolery. Leanna fooling me anyway yeah. That's maybe caucuses need to be done away with..

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