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And that should be on there. And then that movie I told you about before somewhere in time should be on there that you've told you about that, like when you were 16, And now you're saying ever since the day I met you, too. Belle. Yeah, Still a movie title, tells her watch, And she just says, Okay, never watches over once Never once is, what's Teneo? None. Not a single movie. Kevin makes no sense to me is like a dear friend, one of my dearest friends and she never takes the movie suggested. I have bad movie choices, just like she's actively trying to avoid the move. I don't like what is it that that's a great point in time? This is not sound entertaining. How does it not sound entertaining? I don't know. Just Christopher Reeve. You know him? The guy who played Superman passed away, Right? And then Jane Seymour? Yeah. Yeah. Billy. Don't worry. I'll describe the line to here. I'll just get myself anymore about it. Yeah, Valerie's like, run around trying to get the caller set for what's that noise here and stuff. I'll just pick up Right? Yeah. Yeah, I could do it. Yeah, I guess you had somebody, but they dropped off Valerie's. That would happen. So what's the legal ramifications? Yeah. We just have to take the next caller. Alright. Okay. Got you. Right. We'll do that then. A button you go. Good morning, my FM. Who is this? What's your name? Santiago Santiago Santiago Before we do what's that noise here and thank you for calling in? Have you seen the movie somewhere in time? Somewhere in time. No, I don't think so. Okay. Would you go watch it if I recommended it to you as a friend? My man, my man. I don't even own a VCR. How my gonna watch. This feels like where could I buy? You Don't think it's been digitized this sure? No, It's not like some black and white movie from back in the day. You can rent it if I did I have a VCR anyway, it I don't have the VHS of this thing. You're going to watch it that way. All right, listen, let's do Santiago's thing. Here. We're going to give you a chance to win 11,005. Dollars, OK? All right. All right, my man. Here comes you know it is. Here It is. 10. Seconds on the clock. Santiago for $11,500. What's that noise? Right. So my gente instincts say that if those The apple juice photos from chick Tug, Um, kind of hell. Taking a bite out of the apple juice container from Yeah, I haven't seen this on Tic tac, and I'm not part of Jen's E, but she'll you know this. It's like it's those plastic plastic bottles. I want two states Martinelli's apple juice. I'm not sure but it sounds like you're taking a bite of an apple and people are doing it on Tic tac dough. Um, the fact that I had no idea what you're talking about. Makes me think that's not it. Probably.

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