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Not often here on film spotting, we get to talk about movies that feature clever crustaceans. Josh, but that's the case with the new the tale of king crab, which is about Luciano, who's a wandering outcast in rural 19th century Italy. Alcohol and forbidden love send him into turmoil. And after a tragedy, he is exiled to the distant Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, where with the help of ruthless gold diggers and that clever crustacean. He searches for a mythical treasure on his way toward redemption and we have not seen this film yet, Josh, but in terms of the movies that it bears resemblance to. Some films that are pretty notable and appreciated by us, including lucretia martell's zama, reviewed here on the show and one of my favorites. It's a film that had some stiff competition, I think, in round one of film spotting madness, Werner Herzog's agera, the wrath of God. Yeah, aguirre mentioned so many times on the show clearly a favorite of ours. Another title that's been thrown out there that is somewhat in the same vein of the tale of king crab is Roland jaffe is the mission. I love the mission. And zama, you're so right. I think in 2018, I forget exactly where it landed, but lucretia martell zama, Adam, was on my top ten lists. So impressive company there for this film to be compared to. Yeah. Absolutely. Our friends at IndieWire call it part Herzog and ecstatic ethnography and part puzzle linen picaresque well done IndieWire and the international cinephile society says an atmospheric masterpiece, an unforgettable chronicle of humanity. You can see the tale of king crab now presented by oscilloscope, the can in New York film theft's favorite, opened April 15th at film at Lincoln Center for tickets, visit film link dot com C dot com.

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