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Yeah the they've been forecasting rain for today all for the last week or so and and and fortunately it looks like we're going to. We're gonna skim through here and and you know today's actually a little cool out. I'm i'm wandering around in short sleeve t shirt or polo. And it's a little chilly. By the time we get to thursday. It'll be ninety degrees again. And you know when you come to husker harvest as you just pack everything you own because you're gonna wear some of it at some point. I brought the long sleeves. And because i saw the forecast for today i noticed as i drove in Coming across sunnah brassica. Not much fieldwork yet. Going on what you see you know. If you see things that have been harvested. It's probably silage or it seed corn. There's a lot of seed corn grown out here on the zero acres and and so You know we're right in the heart of seed seed corn harvesting time but in terms of harvesting number two yellow or soybeans. Everything's changing and you can tell. It's not far off but but we're just right in front of it which is exactly kind of how we like to time the event get these folks one last. Run away from home. Before the before the show before they. They're big showtime kicks off for harvest. So let's talk about field demonstrations. What will you be able to do. We're gonna we're gonna be able to run everything I think we've had. We've got the highest yielding corn. We've ever had out here for demonstrations the the field demo corn is is coming in at about two hundred fifteen at twenty two percent which is really good for for ninety nine day. Corn in central brassica So we'll run. The run harvesting demonstrations all the same autonomy things that we did over indicator. We're doing here running the Running the machines in the field demonstrations as well as them having their own dedicated area. You gotta talk about. Livestock demonstrations of husker harvest days really awesome cattle handling demonstrations and seminars. Up their livestock building. And and just a lot of content stocked dogs and and wild horse training from the bureau land-management just a a lot of livestock things occurring here in addition to the corn harvest and the tillage and the hanging demonstrations that we have here husker harvest day. So you got a lot of things going on. And as you mentioned the focus of this show i it is different than The farm progress you mentioned the livestock. You mentioned the irrigation. Those are the two big focuses here. Absolutely you know we wanna make sure that whether new york farm show and syracuse new york. Which is you know that focuses on dairy forestry and then if you're indicator illinois the cash green desert you're going to have a corn soybeans show but when we get the boone there's more beef influence and by the time you get out here to grand island there's a you don't have to go too far west to here and it turns into pasture land. Pretty pretty fast. There's there's a lot of beef production here with you. Know with with the growers. Come from here. You're going to see some genuine cowboys here..

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