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L. a. area woman who's been missing in salt lake city since june seventeenth salt lake city police chief mike brown announced the finding of the charred remains of twenty-three-year-old university of utah student mackenzie luke buried in the backyard of a north salt lake city home the homeowners been arrested on suspicion of aggravated murder aggravated kidnapping obstruction of justice and desecration of human body investigations of both the arrested persons and mackenzie phone records show the location of their phones to be at hatch park within less than a minute of each other this was the same time as mackenzie's phone stopped receiving any further data or location services are the forensic evidence says that she ties the suspect to luke's murder i'm jim roope the avowed white supremacist who drove his car into a crowd during white nationalist rally in virginia has been sentenced to life in prison james alex fields junior apologized charlottesville courtroom to the august twenty seventeen attack that killed one person injured more than two dozen others the twenty two year old from ohio had pleaded guilty to twenty nine hate crime charges in march and prosecutors agreed to not seek the death penalty but his attorneys were seeking a sentence less than life u._s. attorney thomas cohen we at this podium believe that is an acceptable and appropriate outcome in this case field will also be sentenced next month on separate state charges more than a dozen survivors and witnesses to the attack delivered emotional testimony about the physical and psychological wounds they have received as a result of the events that day i'm joe ramsey it doesn't fight crime but l._a._p._d. unveiled today a robot at the central station that will take on another foe germs at the station where an employee last month contracted the bacteria that causes typhoid fever l._a._p._d. department chief michael moore introduced light strike a robot designed to eliminate germs from an entire room also introduced at the central station which is located on e sixth street near skid row where healthy souls a shoe sanitizer the supreme court today agreed to hear arguments on president trump's decision to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program that currently protects around seven hundred thousand undocumented immigrants who came to the u._s. as children from deportation the court announced they will hear the case in the fall the issue facing the supreme court is not the galaxy of the program but the way the trump administration wanted to terminate it and their decision is expected right in the heart of the twenty twenty presidential election i'm kelly smoot reporting talk radio seven ninety k._a._b._c..

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