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Yes upi do do rich guys know that their wretches they're like a different it is it's we saw them do in some of them really don't in the ones that don't or i think way or the worst yeah l y because there's a there's an unawareness in a in a lack of empathy like legal they're not aware he because they are not aware that there wealthy and so they they tell themselves a story about why their life is easy and it comes from like i'm so smart and good at my age underdone is like all of this stuff and so um like tardiness i think as an example of this like a juice call it tardiness hardiness the ability being late to something guys like like rich dudes are like being late demonstrates a lack of character and then it's like no it demonstrates not being in charge of your own schedule because i'm seven people's employee like it's easily at my life is not i have less control of my life as a as a as a wage slaves employee because my manager tells me when i'm done with my shift radio sleigh yeah i now and i don't have the access to sources like cars to solve mass transit problems i'm like a victim of the system whereas like a rich dude is like answers traffic i'll get my helicopter because being on time is the best measure of somebody's character there's one guy's a billionaire who always travels with two planes so he's got the one plane and then he has a plane that travels behind him as an extra plane just in case justincase something's wrong so he doesn't have to miss any meetings we had this aim but what happens when just a he just how do you what the leaves the plane and the mechanic takes care of it and gets on the other plane and there's no time delay and it's happened twice in that justifies so he pays for to play because b because being on time is the metrics there what constitutes character and what constitutes like good principles they're making it up based on like what makes good business partners and not like what makes good people and solict this obsession with like timeliness coming from old rich white dudes is really a function of the control that they have over their own schedule.

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