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I mean, there's just so many things that you can make feel normal if they don't win because I don't know how good they'll be. Zingers guess they're probably a lottery team again, they might be the worst in the league with, so can you be normal while also being very unsuccessful in the court? I think so. I think as long as as you kind of just reduce the chaos to a degree, and then it comes into play him toward the end of the season to sort of get him back in gear of playing in that rhythm. So that's not taken up at the start of the next season. Do you plan a little bit at the end of the season to sort of showcase to potential free agents? Hey, this guy's back. He's ready. You don't have to worry about him or do not play him at the end of the season because you are defacto tanking. You wanna hire draft, pick. Going to risk him getting reinjured. What if he's not going to be back to peak form right away when he steps on the floor, that's not how ACL injuries work. So what if he's like averages fifteen eight and people are like, oh, that's that's not the guy. I remember, right. Yeah, but that's the sad part about an injury to this degree and for the Knicks they can make that decision at the time where they get there and they're going to have a good idea of what their season looks like and that will probably inform that decision time. Optimistic, we have two teams in New York to one of them be good. We have to can one make the playoffs at some point. Never heard you use those two words together. I'm an optimistic, so that's just I'm about an exam. I think they're right to talk about themselves like this. It's just every time over the last fifteen years that I've been up the mystic for a second about the Knicks. Something dumb happens. Well, I'll be watching. I wondered get another guy that's is extremely fond of, oh, the best. Goodbye to this first media over the weekend, marking the official end of an era. This is the first time since nineteen Ninety-seven Noten Dunkin. No, Tony Parker. No. Chuck would say. Now, remember back in ninety six ninety seven. Dave Robinson was injured only played six games that is what led to the Spurs winning the lottery in all senses of the word because they landed Tim, Duncan, they've made the playoffs every year since this now his tough Gregg Popovich is toughest hosts since that year. The David got hurt. Yeah. I mean, given given the turmoil they've we didn't mention Colli given the turmoil they've gone through and and and their roster is is okay. I mean there that playoff streak of twenty whatever years is I think in jeopardy, and they have a roster that's heavy on on big men. And even Rudy gay has been a four for a lot of the last few years and kind of thin on wings and in the modern NBA. That's not quite how you want your roster to be, but you know, they're gonna play, fundamentally sound. They're going to defend and they're going to win a certain number of games. It's just in the west if just brutal out there. I think it's kind of what we define as toughest, because if it's if it's mentally toughest, I think it was last season in what they dealt with with Kurai, and that's something. The Spurs organization has basically never dealt with the grid. Gera- is turmoil in media reports and all these sort of things coming out. I think tangibly it's probably like said this season, I think on the court. There's more questions and more issues that they're going to have to resolve on the floor. But to me, I think Popovich experienced tough year last year is to me the fact how loaded the west is going to be one of the biggest barrier here. Right?.

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