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And addiction rates are some of the highest in Chicago community activists made their displeasure known it with the situation during a March today we. minutes coming but we are demanding that development happen on. hold for engagement in this community. was this really asking for thirty percent. for everything you can't make affordable housing for people six weeks ago to south side alderman introduced a measure to set aside thirty percent of the new housing as affordable within two miles of the print presidential center a mother and daughter in Illinois are suing the education publishing company Pearson alleging their negligence caused a giant data breach of nearly one million students across the US and tens of thousands in Chicago the suit accuses the British on Pearson of concealing the bridge for four months Pierson is one the world's largest publishing companies providing educational tools to schools hurricane Dorian's now churning in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Cape Fear North Carolina and the storm still at a category two forecasted to swirl up the east coast before reaching Nova Scotia on Saturday Dorian's greatest damage at the Bahamas the death toll now up to thirty and Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis says hundreds more people are missing and now this from our WGN radio news desk at cranes here Stephanie Goldberg can never brands plans to open an innovation center across from its merchandise Mart headquarters in Chicago the forty thousand square foot center for food designed set to open early next year aims to expand the slim Jim.

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