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Perhaps the scariest thing about recent mass shootings is just how quickly they unfold. Remember in Dayton Ohio. The killer was brought down within thirty two seconds in that time he still shot more than thirty people nine fatally in Paso Texas authorities were on the scene within six minutes minutes twenty. Two people had died new. Imagine how bad these would be if cops just never seemed to arrive two years ago this week at a country music concert right below the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas the gunshots started and they didn't stop a constant barrage for what felt like any turn ity it became the deadliest mass shooting in American history and over those years the wounds for so many families have remained unhealed their stories unfinished I but now we know one. Chapter is about to come to a close next tonight. A massive settlement for the worst mass shooting in modern American history fiedler in the company that owns Mandalay Bay could now offer offer up to eight hundred million dollars to the families in the form of a settlement. ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman covered that horrific shooting on the ground and we're talking talking amongst a billion dollars here I mean how do they reach that number. You know it seems like an astronomical number but when you break it down you have fifty eight people who were killed hundreds words of people who were wounded and then thousands of people who suffered some sort of post traumatic stress simply by being there and amidst that heard of people fleeing the gunfire. I'm fire during that Route Ninety one harvest festival. How do you assign value to suffering all through my forehead. I have the hardest part. Is missing my daughter and seen her picture and her not being there. This is a very difficult formula. They actually are going with a third party administrator to assign the specific value alley for each particular claiming but basically the eight hundred million is a big ballpark figure that was reached by the members of the class who are suing MGM MGM and MGM resorts that said this is how much are insurers and we think that we can give up and make everybody feel whole weight than do people have to apply and like explain lean wear mgm failed them like what kind of liabilities are in effect here yeah they basically have to apply they are part of a class action suit or various claimants who are part of attorneys suits against MGM resorts now it started in such a weird way. Brad because obviously many people thought that MGM and it's hotel tell the Mandalay Bay would be liable since Stephen Paddock the shooter bride in ten high-powered rifles thousands of rounds of ammunition right through the front endure the hotel past a sign. I might add that says no firearms allowed so in order to head off a potentially catastrophic suit for mgm the company but he actually sued victims people who had signaled that they were going to launch claims against the company beforehand preemptively these people I I yeah they were using a an anti-terrorism federal law that was instituted after nine eleven basically said if it's terrorism related needed then you can protect yourself and companies not liable obviously ultimately that would not hold water and they didn't actually demand any money for the thousand claimants that had had actually preemptively sued but that did cause massive outrage now the attorneys and the victims with whom I'm speaking are saying okay now. We feel better about this finally. MGM stepped up to the plate and demonstrated some corporate responsibility. did the right thing to huge dollar figure amid the largest number of victims and witnesses to any mass shooting in America ever. 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Then North Korea said it was working on a missile well you can launch from a submarine we spoke to ABC's chief. Global Affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz who told us that's a worrisome escalation because it means North Korea can launch potentially a nuke from anywhere. Where will this week is the trump administration prepared for possible? We start of nuclear talks. North Korea claimed it's gone ahead and done that. North Korea said Thursday a projectile title it fired. This week was a ballistic missile launched from a submarine. We Got Martha back with us now in DC Martha. That's how scary right. Should I be scared. It sounds like I should be scared well. It's a little confusing because when you say a missile was launched from a submarine that it was a submarine launched missile the truth is the missile wasn't actually launched reached from a submarine they did a test from a platform in the water but if they perfect that and they do launch one they test fire it from Thomas Submarine then we really better look out that is a significant development and it is scary in the sense that submarines are stealthy. They don't want anyone to see those submarines. I mean I think we have plenty of satellites up there right now that we can see things that happen on land but it makes it harder to detect the missile and you know submarines can move wherever they want so then it came off this platform. This still technology to be perfected is one of the higher profile launches since these two leaders met face as to face a very very good meeting with chairman. Kim and the trump administration was going to have these talks with North Koreans right. was there have not been a lot of lately. I guess I I think everyone thought that must be the end of those talks. It's not why it's not an I think they're bully aware that uses fully aware that what North Korea is trying to do is get itself in a strong strong negotiating position. you know not pushing too far. They're not launching long range missiles and testing long ranger. ICBM's they're doing these shorter order range missiles. This in fact was a short range missile despite the fact. They're trying to perfect it for submarines so it it it's Kim Jong UN saying. Hey don't forget yet what I'm doing over here. Don't forget even if we'd go back to a negotiating table what's the strategy then from the US saying actually yes we will still meet with you in theory that could throw up their hands and say we're not meeting with you well. You've heard the president the missile deaths evolving short-range ballistic missile death no he has downplayed the short range missile launches because in fact they're short range. Missiles weren't part of the agreement. He said he had with Kim Jong UN although the UN isn't isn't too happy about these launches. You Insecurity Council has passed resolutions that ban the north from using Ballistic Missile Technology John Young rejects that saying the sanctions are an infringement on its right to self-defence we have a chance for the total de Nuclearization of an an area of the world that was very dangerous in in many ways the US donald trump. The administration really needs progress here. This was something something key has talked about that. He's going to get North Korea denuclearize so the United States really wants this to happen. You can imagine the sort of good cop bad cop routine as the deal with at the US really wanting needs to go forward Martha Raddatz. Thank you happy to talk to you brad.

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