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And so they're going to be doing that stuff and they're introducing a batter battle royale mode which also confirms thing i've been saying for long time which is that when you look at the game like fort night overwatch to some degree and certainly pudgy i kind of questioned why they're popular in some ways because i look at that and i think that's a game mode in college duty and so if you look at any college duty multiplayer experienced this gotta be like thirty something different game modes when you kinda mix and match all the variants and i never thought i've always thought that a battle royale mode would it be the easiest thing in the world colin duty to do i don't understand why they don't have this exact thing and now they're going to so they're going to get into that eastport slash battle royale thing about black ops for us so get nothing to do for the next six months but eventually this game will come out and then you know life will be good again mary jo's really done a great job of not passing out during that segment i was typing in the beer pick so that worked out well what it is but now i feel like drinking let's take a teeny weeny break and come back with the back of the book paul threaten mary jo foley will offer us their tips tricks codenames their beer picks but i heard from mugs soft mc soft i i've been learning about mook soft i'm not i'm not the frontline it guy anymore thank god i don't i don't have the carry the beeper but they're the people who do tell me one of the biggest problems is kind of beeper fatigue or pager fatigue actually nowadays is really isn't so much a beeper as messaging alerts email alerts notifications on your phone that kind of thing but you get too many of them it's just noise it turns in noise what you need is the right alert at the right time just the right alert just at the right time to give you an actionable item right and a lot of times that means is collapsing a bunch of alerts into one that kind of thing.

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