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Well in sports Elena United defeated club America three to two at the Mercedes Benz stadium last night they will resume MLS action on Sunday in Portland well site it is a beautiful sunny day with scanners clouds and a high near ninety two I'm Amanda Cooper on news and top thirteen eighty W. A. okay we keep it real with al Sharpton on news and talk thirteen eighty W. A. okay E. today Rick in of Sirius XM one twenty six hello I do not end there hi let's go to Tony in Delaware Syria's one twenty six tell more rep good morning okay that no know what the all corporate tax situation I guess you kind of differently I look at corporation has you know they they they used employee so many people so I have no problem with any benefit the corporation yes because the meat they are dressed you know that they drive the economy and to give them a nice easy our way to go in the in the nation boys so many millions of millions I don't I don't see any I have no problem with anyone have the well what they want to do with that money I don't care what how much money you have how much more do you want us up if you want to save money the following generation and you are the better you know money around at the end of the day first of all of any number of studies have indicated that all of the jobs that people predicted that of these corporations would in fact do with these tax breaks did not materialize because you can't make them have jobs but secondly when you deal with a state tax transitional tags transition tax or Wall Street all of these things are just about them making more money when you are not lessening the taxes for middle class and poor people so are you giving them a big tax break not taking the tax burden of all of those and then the question is then all people with less having to afford more of the federal all almost as well as federal debt yeah I guess that'll clear because I guess what I don't make a lot of money but I do see more my paycheck every every every two weeks so I mean you know I got to wait and be in doubt they'd middle class I just got to make so much better my debt load is way less and that will help you because of what well because it is thought that that we know that the practice and and how did the tense situation give you warn your paycheck why so in our as you know you you've you've muffled now yeah I heard you clearly before a lot of money rather give it to the no no no no no we don't do this how did it affect your paycheck yeah I thought so I thought so ugh lot of rhetoric because the tax bill did not include a significant tax cut for middle class and poor people and when you challenge them on it they go by right wing talking points and they cannot explain beyond a talking point exactly what it's all about those bills was skewed toward giving a tax benefit and a tax breaks to corporations and the rich not to middle class people you got one vote by the way the thousand dollars of my nose it it expired after a while so that's why I want to challenge you Monday let's go do a child's in Detroit and Sirius XM one twenty six how you doing brother air round there are well I'll need right I said I'm gonna also listen to you the first point to the lady mentioned insurance sort of firearms okay if you put insurance on a fireman who it's only going to affect the poor people just like auto insurance if you in a bad neighborhood they automatically charge you more the second thing is a semi auto A. R. shot gun okay still it centering chain yard the lettuce do the exact same damage to someone the bottom line is the kill them it you know they say band they are like they some monster day on it cosmetically different and I'm giving that will not be enrolled but once upon a time you had a permit you are big sellers now use slim fellow Afro you're still the exact same person you weren't being at so that's the same thing with all the weapon they all do the same thing at close range okay I move it down and limit what went on first of all they all do not do the same thing what weapons do the same thing they are fifteen and regular of of weapons a nine millimeter Hey are fifteen not got many shots can a shot gun all get off how many rounds can a shotgun issue okay well I'm explain it like this even on our design is a lock on and I didn't I don't need explanation for his answer the only reason I'll stand there because I would have to add it up right quick but it'd be simple when I'm sent each Rana Sargon Kerry's nine pallets and every time you fight once are gonna right around the double log books it's nine tell it and if you only get five rows that's forty five so it's coming out of there but does not and forty five people you if you shoot a shot gun if every bullet may have won all nine pallets I'll take your word for it but that one bullet can only hit one person you cannot shoot twenty two people rapid fire with a shot gun no actually the pellets scatter out if they leave the barrel when they come up to beryl they spread out so you actually one shot technically can hit nine people because they spread out like that I think that any number of studies have said that it is very you are correct that the spread out but the do not spread out in as deadly a form and you can not due to rapid fire the pellets do not kill people like of bullets could kill people come out a off fifteen is no comparison I'm sorry to say the pellets are thirty cap of thirty two I'd like to if if the man in el Paso was shooting a gun he could not have killed twenty two people in that amount of tax are you aware it's our guns are semi automatic where every time you put in and out I am a mad it's on to the bank but all guns are semi automatic except for both actually gone so pistols are semi automatic that didn't mean they still floating a nine millimeter the semi automatic we were arguing a you we are not arguing without without a difference I'm saying semi automatic weapons automatic which are all with automatic warning to holder trigger hold on I didn't finish making my point okay and an automatic weapons the minister military style weapons ought to be banned there is no reason why people can have the capacity to have magazines and just on low as they did this man in Las Vegas got on top of the Mandalay bay hotel is shot down in a concert into got over fifty people automatic weapons and and that is what I'm saying needs to be back you can go down and break down any way you want that all of the web is a deadly and they all but they are not as equally impactful has proven that can spray shoot what magazines insurance scores of people within seconds it's just not what your career good what you're saying is is factually wrong because and I'm not trying to be a but but really because a nine millimeter I shall on the clock it has a thirty two round magazine and is now my automatic but not a word that is that is that you banned the amount of magazines that she could have just part of the legislation Minamata rounds in the magazine yeah but the problem with that is it only takes a second to re load of magazine because they're they're already stacked and like our Kerry when I go to the gun range unless you regularly I carry least ten magazines and I've only had ten round the need still I wonder around you know already the the the proposed legislation if there was a limit on the amount of magazines a person could buy and all you could not go and bylaws around a you do not need all around you you're saying that this is the action that that happened to me one night I was getting off the bus going home and auto this field a gang of guys came toward me and when you say what I don't need your mistaken because you never know what the rate is going to come about you and again I'm not trying to argue but I shoot regularly first of all first of all again the guys come in at you certainly is frightening but you do not need to therefore put everybody at risk where we are every all week because soul seeing mass killings that actually happened I'm and we can just disagree but that is just factually all to me way off as you say factually because of we we're saying because some people feel a gang of people may come after them and they should be able to have three four five hundred rounds of ammunition and be able to automatically shoot him I'm saying that all would be against the law thank you for your call let's go to Henry ended Lana Sirius XM one twenty six Henry very rare are you going to call it you're just had on the line the young man that you at U. S. simple question how many rounds what was shot not a whole right it's simple seven or eight right or eight according to what they want to go into the mechanic so what's in the book right you see there in this dialogue me with what you you you wasting your breath what about the people that they know what they're doing to bring about I'm ever going over to but you know what I was in the gun story of the day looking at LA all white Marineris meat well what you need a off once it do you have one you said Yasser what does what he wants because number one one well not not not but you got one I want everything you get you see what we don't need that because they are okay of ten people like those guys that he got off the bus one day you should regularly but you ride the bus put your money in the mall and and and and and clearly all thank god the gang didn't come after all drug about mers shoes that have killed people and vows to be bright now trying to dis single bulletin pellets when I'm saying they should be able to have those amount of bullets only we we.

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