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Seem to thrilled destroyers huge floor shows and then they put this one one and the Supremes and on the road this Hey for those people who was just nonstop that's what made it so far zero what was your job that I went to work with Robert Nisbet he dreamed up the shows and everything else server for a loan to me stressed awful Tom social the costumes old scenery over her soles everything I mean I just sort of did it I was Mrs won't I did whatever he didn't want to do is say you in this as well to what sort of reputation do you think you have pretty scary well don says of course not all the holder and you know we will mix and have lunch and dinner and I said I think it's great fun but at the time they always turn around go we were at sea terrified what because he be responsible for making the show happen yeah thank you very very much and good evening I'm Richard carpenter and on behalf of Canada guys that like to say that it's really nice to be here.

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