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Amazon music app. Today. Francis is declining to accept the resignation of a French cardinal after he was convicted of failing to report a known predator priests to police AP correspondent Charles de LA desma reports Philippe Bob Iran, had traveled to the Vatican to present his resignation fully six months suspended sentence handed down on March seven but Francis didn't accept the resignation offer. An instead ask Bob around to do what he thinks is best for the lien archdiocese, a French court found the Barbara had obligation to report the Reverend Bernard printer to civil authorities when he'd learned of his abuse whose scheduled to be tried on sexual violence charges next year confessed to abusing boy scouts in the nineteen seventies and eighties. I'm Charles de LA desma. Dozens of deadly rattlesnakes were found living under a home in Texas. The home owner had. Reported seeing a few snakes under his home. But when big countries snake removal came out to help they pulled forty five rattlesnakes from underneath his home near Albany about one hundred fifty miles west of Dallas, the company said on his Facebook page that the homeowner found the snakes because he crawled underneath his home after high winds disrupted his cable television service, snakes will begin emerging from underneath Texas homes as the weather warms up. Increasing the risk of snake. Bites officials say that on average one to two people die in Texas each year from venomous snake bite. Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry is stepped up in a big way to help a family after the tragic killing of a mother of four it comes less than a day after the family of tiny show Evans who was forty five launched a fundraising. Appeal berry has reportedly offered to take care of the families rent range for evidence body to be floated Wisconsin for burial and cover her eighteen year old daughter's tuition at Spelman college. So she doesn't have to drop out. Evans was killed Saturday morning outside of Bank near Atlanta, her boyfriend was arrested at the scene. Evans was an author fulltime healthcare worker, according to the families. Go fund me to over four children are still minors. One of them fourteen year olds Jamaica Turner, called Perry. An angel letter. Trump says McCain again, I'm Tim Maguire within AP news minute. Once again, President Trump attacks late Republican Senator John McCain telling workers at a military tank factory Ohio that he thinks McCain tried. They use the still dossier against him. John McCain got it. He got it. And what did he do didn't call me? He turned it over to the FBI hoping to put me in jeopardy trap. Repeated his complaint that McCain voted against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and at the visit Vietnam prisoner of war was not supportive of veterans. Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson, chairman of the veterans affairs committee tells Georgia public broadcasting it's deplorable what he said for the third time in two years. Google has been hit with a big fine by Europe's. Antitrust regulators regulators ordering the company to pay one point seven billion dollars for freezing out rivals in.

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