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But back to Jason. Clare. What I just. kind of like piggybacking on what you said what I loved Jason Wasn't afraid. To tell or maybe he was but he power through that to tell Claire some of the things like using where it's like manipulative and self sufficient and able to love how people have described him and he trusted her with that and then she didn't break that trust a Keenan scare her by telling her those things and I thought it was a really beautiful moment between the two and Even if Claire doesn't Pick Jason, at the end of this, I think that Jason can always look at that moment and say you know what? I don't have to be afraid to tell women. You know some of the scary things because the right one won't run away from it I. Just I loved that that whole moment once again and go on a great day it was it was meaningful. A lot of what we're seeing these these episodes this episode. Particularly, we saw deep rich conversations and Bachelor nation has always saying we don't have anything to talk about and that. Over these last couple of seasons. But you cannot say that about Clare Season and we'll get to that when we saw that happened in this episode and maybe chock it up and I told him I wanna take Clair's older. I think she is mature she's lived life she knows what she wants and so these guys they're a little bit older and so I love the depth that we're seeing I feel like it's something that we haven't. Really had much in the past couple of seasons and so it's so refreshing to see it. So. Funny. We pivot from this very heavy deep. You know connective date to strip dodge ball. It's called a balance right that was a little heavy for us. That was a lot. There was screaming there was burning there was like the breaking of the tablets. So we needed to lighten the mood and for this we thank you. Thank. You. For the Strip dodgeball. So we see the team just get demolish by the red team and what I also loved about this is that Claire was like Nope I'm setting the rules and this is what I want because this is what you see and I know I know people are going to have their opinions. On the fact we're going to have some go cifs in the room we'll. Just put it that way you know you're either a Clare or Yosef in this situation and I love what Clare did I thought it was it was her decision it was empowering she set her own roles. If you didn't WanNa play by them, you didn't have to we all have a choice here and I love that the guys were just like having fun with it. It wasn't to me. And I really want to hit on this because I feel like it's going to be an issue. It was ingest and I. Didn't really see it sexualize in a way that I know like in the way that Joseph talked about it or being humiliating. It wasn't that way and I'm curious to your thoughts. Yeah. No, it was all in good fun. I never got I never got. cringely like in never to me was borderline like this isn't appropriate I think the guys were laughing having fun Clarin Chris were laughing having fun. I mean, like they weren't fully naked they had these little what Jonah yeah they were strat they were strapped in and there were there were black boxes for all the viewers at home. The kids may be watching maybe this one will be rated TV fourteen maybe an MA I don't know I do that late I did want to see more. Like I wanted to. I wanted to see that worked with you not girl. I think it was who is she talked about Kenny when she's like just look at his but in Christmas looks and I'm Mike. For Chris, he should I don't sunglasses or something. About I know he hated this worst group date ever for Chris Harrison that one. been subjected to he has to watch all of these men blindfold them, and slowly sensually touch Clare and on the flip side half these men have to strip down to their little skivvies and pay guarantee you. Chris. If you ever need somebody to host for the next season of the baths, ride for dates like this. You know who to call the school system. Yeah. This is where you call in the sub. You tag team you get out of there because I guarantee you he's in contract negotiations after this season. Erin T it. Okay. So we all have we definitely have a good time on that Group Day but there were some people who didn't you know when the losers went home, which can I just say really quickly that I appreciate the finally the franchise acknowledges the winners of the group date and doesn't let everybody go on the group date I felt victim of that. I. Understood Crystal when she was upset about it was nice to see the losers go home so they go home and it caused a big star not a big Sur a with one person. And that was Joseph. It was clearly upset. Because Blake Blake Blake a sad low puppy. It's it's. It's I know like it's here for the wrong reasons was a person it would be brandon and we'll get we'll get to that. But if here for the right reasons was a person, it would be Canadian Blake and I appreciate about him. So his feelings are clearly hard love that they made him do the interview naked. Oh. Yeah. The strap on like don't get. Back. Right shot off to the producer behind the camera for that. That was really funny to see. So we get to the cocktail party in the men are very grateful because it's a limited number of men. So they're happy about the time that they're going to get to spend with Clare uninterrupted by the other however many men went home on the date six seven. All right and then we see. We see Blake Canadian Blake who crashed day. I called it. I knew it was going to happen when they were showing the guys meander home and they were walking naked looking all bummed I knew because from last week when Clare Talks about him breaking the rules I had this fantasy like he's GonNa he's GonNa crash the cocktail party tonight I if I was completely lost good job back I didn't see it at all but he crashes and it looks like it really crashed on him. Right Claire didn't seem like she seemed caught off guard she seemed uncomfortable..

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