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But the closed sign up. you know. i ain't trying to help this clown. That's really harmless. He's really he just wants to be closed anyway. He wants to go on his break or whatever but but the minute he throws up clown. A lotta people aren't gonna like that you know in manley calling a clown in the that's where it starts. Here's one Dork is another one. It's like i think there's an american pie or something or one of those guys with a hot chick Stork and it's like as her boyfriend or something like there's something about being a clown at dora when you hear you just want to snap. Ed ain't that right loser clown. I always lie. Every six months. I laugh. Do you remember when clearwater beach by way called. Restroom boston a gebran now. Russ's my guy i'm down with. Russ you know curb clearwater. Beach bad boy was a caller who would call in and just bus balls in one of these occasions in our old studio rush from boston was visiting. He anybody that came to the studio could put on a healthcare have bones and just kinda visit the studio listen to the whole show but he actually was in the trajectory of the camera so as clear waters calling doing his bid something about gina carano Or who knows what at the very end. He just goes. Who's that drone that you got in league of his charitable. He ain't no bro towel. Like brown so harmless but at the same time it was just delivered the right way along the lines of clown loser door. You know whatever that you can ruffled feathers but yeah when they use it in on twitter those little emojis they crack me up. Alabama's now look. We covered out mcgregor a little bit. And keep checking out junkie I wanna hit a couple of serious topics. Though was the death of suzy freetown. Suzy frighten i really. Don't know exactly how to pronounce her last name which she basically was the makeup artists for ufc for many years over a decade and she was battling cancer and she passed away over the weekend. So if you saw a lot of your favorite fighters mma notables hosting about a lady named suzy. That's her goes on. I got a chance to work with her once and never along the lines of probably ariani britney probably worked with her while times a year. Maybe even more for the last ten fifteen years and that's only babe reviews. Imagine all the other shows that they did. I imagine they were very very close and then she was part of the staff of travels around the snaps very close. A lot of people get to know him. The fighters fighters were also saying stuff but fighters only fight to three times a year. So you may not be as close as some of the others but we got to work with our one time super nice lady treated us like rockstars for the one little shoot that we had. That was so cool. Setup by a friend of ours jen wink and we just wanna offer our deepest condolences to her family friends and the family who was very very close to her. She was a highly of and beloved employee of the uc absolutely. This is a battle that she's been going through for a while and we actually saw her three months ago. I think as we were leaving founders coffee. She was coming in You're right like she just always had a nice personality. She's very very polite. I remember working with that time. I just remember sitting down and she pulled out so much. Guest that man schmoozing rocky dennis to sat down our chairs of them like a spray gun and all the stuff but she put it to work at all. Came out great I remember chatting it up with her. I remember. i specifically remember favorite fighters. Where dan hardy and nick diaz at the time cool so yeah but very nice lady. She'll be missed. Yeah for sure A lot of people had some very nice things to say. Very deep megan Alevi lori is the less different ariza fighters including rashad evans for example So you can definitely tell. She'll be missed that a lot of people really really loved her lack of all right. So let's get to a couple more serious topics. Donald trump goes was on the call of trailer. Any thoughts there. You bet you probably better take this one I only caught a few snippets. 'cause i just will for one. The fights for quick in. I was doing the juggling act with liberal mutt I can't even say. I wasn't impressed with Impressed he was alternative programming so he said a few things here and there and maybe he was other people's capacity but I was the strategy. Just let's have this guy on because a lot of people wanna buy behaviors because he's on not because of the fights. An-and did it backfire. Like did you feel like there was a big of energy or momentum for trailer because of donald trump and donald trump junior conference alongside janetta santos and a muslim. I don't think so. I just honestly it's nothing against donald trump. I just don't. I don't know where the value is because i'm trying to think like if one of my favorite fighters were for some reason part of an alternative broadcast for something else. Let's say attract or something like that. I'm gonna buy it just. I can hear him talk about track about a race So i don't know that there's people that would buy a pay per view only because they wanna hear what he's saying which. It's exactly what you expected. You know he's gonna do some things in there Probably share a lot of stories. But yeah. I don't know what the value because he had to have been paid a lot of money to do that then. So i'm yeah i don't really get that one too much but a trailer seems i'm sure they're a lot of people should on their.

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