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Did we though? Yes, I think we did know well. I think that in the first episode, we saw her band perform. And we said, oh. That's unfortunate. She's a good person instead of saying like, no, no. Bad people can't possibly make songs about their V having Wi-Fi. Right. Yeah, like we didn't realize that we should have really abandoned ship and not liked her from the beginning. We had very true. We didn't trust our intuition. We didn't trust our gut on this. We didn't know who we are. Speaking of guts. Let's talk about hampstead and Memphis. Yuck. Okay. Ready? Me sleepy. Me drink too much. Let me tired. Me cookie. Oh. You think it was the extra vodka she asked? Oh, God, I hope it was. Quote, late, no early. Quote me hungry. In the confessional, she looks pregnant. Really? Yeah, in her face. Really? Well, let's see what happens. Do you know cookie monster, right? Yeah, of course. CEOs for cookie. Yeah, he does the way she talks. Yeah, I thought it was Elmo? Yeah, you're right. So here is a quote that I found from cookie monster. Okay, let's hear it. Okay, so how about we play? So I'm going to tell you a quote from cookie monster. All right. Sometimes me think, what is love? And then me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up the last cookie for you. So now. I'm going to say another quote, and I want you to tell me, is this? Memphis, or is this cookie monster? Okay. Okay, me hungry. Cookie monster. That is Memphis, okay? Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then you see what I'm saying though? Yeah, they speak exactly the same. Why, though, why does she keep saying me?.

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