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Telling you to avoid the area. Close your windows. If you live nearby. It's located near 112th Street and steal street that has state route 5 12 shut down in both directions as solely what's the traffic impact here? Well, Actually, they have opened up the eastbound directions of 5 12 through the area, but you can't get off it Steal street Westbound 5 12 is backed up about four miles because you are being forced to exit at Pacific Avenue. So the bigger backup certainly in the westbound direction, But it's putting up enough smoke that people in the eastbound direction is certainly noticing. All right. Thank you. So late around the nation's capital buildings are boarding up amid security concerns ahead of inauguration. A major step is reportedly being taken to protect the security of next week's inauguration of president elect by The Washington Post reports. The National Park Service will close them all next Wednesday. For decades, Spectators have gathered there to observe the inauguration. Traditionally includes a swearing in at the West front of the Capitol. It means crowds will be kept far from the building as metro station shut down along with roads. CBS is Steve Dorsey says. The National Parks Service has not responded to a request to confirm that closure. A Seattle substitute teacher is suspected of exposing himself during an online class. Seattle Public School sent a letter to parents telling them about the incident and saying it's under investigation by Seattle police. The substitute has meantime than temporarily been banned from working for the district. Thousands are still in the dark this morning and dealing with damage from the windstorm. Puget Sound Energy says A major problem in restoring power is all the fallen trees blocking roadways. Some customers may continue to be without power for the next couple of days, and the State Department official blob Life is warning that backyard bird feeders may be contributing to deaths of wild birds. It's happening and King Kit saps gadgets Snohomish and Thurston counties, Fish and Wildlife is recommending you temporarily stopped feeding birds. Deaths are attributed to a common bird disease caused by salmonella bacteria. When birds flocked together in large numbers at these feeders, they can transmit the disease through droppings and saliva, a 33 back to traffic now for the rest of the region, Sully Yeah, well, we're still looking at a pretty decent drive for everywhere but that 5 12 interchange that we just talked about there because of that commercial fire. We are seeing heavy slowing on the rented to Bellevue Drive's still and heavy slowing is we probably just being a little conservative there. I mean, we're looking at under 30 minutes on the drive. Now the federal way to Seattle drivers really good 35 minutes or less. There is you work your way up. Past the West Seattle Bridge. You will see the slowing there out of the north end just a little blip of slowing on both five and four or five. As you approach the county line and a 32 minute drive from ever to Seattle or ever to Bellevue looks like North bound 99 still very heavy trying to work your way up towards the First Avenue South Bridge. And it looks like where you are doing a bridge lift on the first half of New South Bridge right now, I know not a very good time to be doing that during the morning commute, considering that the West Seattle Bridge itself is actually closed and First yourself Bridge is really one of the only good ways to get out of the area. Good news is to coma Looks really good. This report brought to you by invisible fence not far off dot com. Invisible Fences, Brands boundary plus.

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