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A serial violator of securities laws is being allowed to do one of the largest go private transactions in history without any scrutiny which is disappointing but I think not surprising this environment And I just think of this as shareholders The problem of going private transactions is that the people doing the buying know what they're going to do And they have a plan to create value The people doing the selling are not party to that And there's something fundamentally unfair I do believe there's a lot of opportunity on Twitter to create value And I really believe the public shareholders would go along with it if somebody told them what the plan was and did so in a convincing way the same way Jeff Bezos has done You could lay at Amazon And the way that Reed Hastings was repeatedly at Netflix Now what's interesting is this could never have happened at Facebook this way given the dual class share structure and the power that Mark Zuckerberg still wields there And I wonder if you think that's a good or bad thing given how much you have critiqued Facebook Well to be clear I think dual class equity is a terrible idea and should not be permitted I just think it's totally contrary to the shareholder interest And again in the case of Twitter I believe the company has been very badly managed I mean this board allowed the company to operate with a CEO who had a full-time job at another company It's now accepting a transaction from somebody who I think is the CEO of what four other companies you know I just look at this as a massive policy failure at every level And again this is nothing to deprecate Elon Musk He may have a great plan In fact I hope he makes Twitter a lot better But at the same time the things he talks about most are actually the areas in which Twitter is most flawed And the proposals he's offered for fixing those things are not obviously fixes in a world where Twitter monetizes through advertising using algorithms to amplify the most extreme speech Interesting you mentioned Jack Dorsey and his role He tweeted earlier that thanking Elon for taking Twitter out of a quote unquote impossible situation which is certainly interesting commentary given that he was the one in charge for so many years Roger mcnamee of elevation partners always great to have you roger We could continue this conversation for hours We'll have to leave it here Coming up how silvergate bank is betting on digital finance We'll talk to them about stablecoins micro strategy and even Facebook slash metas DM next This is Bloomberg The markets in focus every business day The Bloomberg markets podcast with Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller Are there some sectors that you want to have more or less exposure to it We've got to vaccinate the whole world Analysis of the day's Wall Street action What's the thought on apple here for Bloomberg and diligence Bloomberg opinion and influential newsmakers The bond market was the boss Bloomberg markets with Paul swinney and met Miller Subscribe to day and Bloomberg radio dot com The Bloomberg business app or iTunes Before and after the pandemic Is it driven by politics or by science There may be how we keep track of our lives from here on out What do you think the political effects of that impatience will be And through it all there's been Bloomberg We begin on Capitol Hill the most accurate business world and healthcare news before and after The fundamentals do not justify this price action Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is listening Would you say it's more important to gather information fast or to have it first or to be the most accurate They can really move the needle when it comes to programs The point is only surely is the level of support you get from companies for this What if you don't have to choose It also has enormous importance for the labor market How do they get ahead of different administrations We see this move towards digital currencies Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is listening We used to take our freedom of movement for granted not anymore It's not just the people who work for the airlines and its natural to feel grateful for the things that kept you going Does America have a chance to lose our advantage Can we get to herd immunity fast enough so that will be in good shape But really we were just doing our jobs Oxford University is starting a study on patients who've recovered from COVID Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is listening Time.

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