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Abusing her when she was in school. Now, there's others. There's now five right that are claiming some kind of abuse going on there's the the three that we know of. Miss Blasi Ford Rodriguez Ramirez Ramirez from a New Yorker article and then the sweat sweating the night. Julie's wedding lawyer, Michael Nadi. She claims that there were rapes going on by multiple young men and cavenaugh wasn't one of her assault. But that he watched this, and they set these kinds of parties up by getting girl strong now regarding I looked a little bit g she has a sworn declaration. Alright she used to by the way have active clearances working with the federal government public trust US department of treasury, the US meant the internal revenue services. She also had enacted clearances with the secret service US department of Justice. So she's someone that's washing. Tony, Ian that's worked at a lot of different departments. There. She talks about meeting. Both Mark judge who was bred Kavanagh's buddy in high school. And she goes on to talk about what I just a little. I described about these gang rapes to be candid with you. And she says she says at the end, I declared her penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true. And correct. I have executed this declaration September twenty fifth two thousand eighteen I mean, that's that's one big thing to you know, to put out there that you're saying, I'm willing to testify about this regarding the perjury. And the results of that perjury is a serious thing to begin with, but perjury in front of congress. That's that's a good way to end up in in federal prison. I guess maybe we need a lawyer law expert to say, and I get if she testifies, but I understand she has a clearance, and she's vetted and all of this yada yada ya. But what happens if all we get out of testimony today is a he said she said Moore right back to square one. Well, yeah. But I mean, the question now is does Grassley haft almost given her background, and these other things does he have to also allow her to get on the hill and testify before the committee. But if that's the case, then are we just gonna let I know ever. Did. I in third grade that judge cavenaugh gave. Somebody a paper cutter we have to let that person come. This is a lot different. I mean, but but then you open the door. There. It goes on right now. That's what they've wanted all along is to delay his confirmation. And if this is a way of delaying that confirmation, I guess it sounds at least to me like both sides are willing to ride this out as long as it takes to get their point across, and we could be maybe we could be in for a longer confirmation. Remember is bigger issue though, in Scott, I know that you've. There's abuse than that happens. New Darcy's works with the people in in so many ways and boys girls, have you know, when you're talking about somebody saying that, you know, I say this knowing that, you know, I'm not committing perjury. That kind of thing sworn testimony like that. I mean doesn't Grassley who says he's going to at least investigators out on this to look at this particular person that signs that kind of document. I'm sure that they are investigating. But the other thing to keep in mind is that as it stands now unless something monumental happens in the next three four or five hours. There's still a vote tomorrow in that committee to put the nomination on the floor of the Senate Grassley added a caveat after McConnell said that those saying not necessarily. So we'll see what happens. This may not be over. So very tentatively. There's a vote on the calendar. Before this is the end of the day. Right. So seven ten here in NewsRadio eight forty W H S. So what's what are the women facing? Here. We're gonna talk it over with Gareth believing.

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