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This is his name was dj chartres he served that'd be amazing meghalaya receiver to be as good as he has been at this young of an age says his talent is off the charts he's playing for a team that i think is going to have to throw the ball a lot more salt the second half of last year where big ben was pacing for five thousand yards of the second half after they lost ryan shazier for a second he's at in tonio brown was beijing for five thousand yards like that'd be really good sounds right so i looked at some of the breakdowns because you know he was a rookie last year right heap he was he registered as as a receiver playing in week one except he had zero targets zeros he wasn't he wasn't involved weeks two through sixteen the the rest of the whole season if you take his pace over sixteen games he would have had over a thousand yards and nine touchdowns that was the pace he was on as as a rookie then you look at okay how do you do after the bye week right that's one big ben went bananas when he started going bananas and he would have paste during that time for ninety three receptions and twelve hundred plus yards and then there was one other breakdown really was curious about martavis bryant week eight went out missed week nine how did he do when martavis bryant was off the field from week eight on here was his sixteen game projection ninety four receptions great for fifteen hundred sixty eight yards unbelievable and nine touchdowns and you might say accurately well big ben he doesn't really have a history of supporting to top in wide receivers which is which is accurate he doesn't usually have two top twenty four receivers but today's nfl it's very common in fact over the last several years teams the nfl average is four different teams that have two guys in the top twenty four oftentimes top twelve and i wanna interrupt you don't wanna take this swirling reality of juju smith schuster.

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