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I love what's going on. This is a a few that honestly of all the has been going on in. Aew this is actually one. Where i'm going you know. Why kudo say w booking. They're doing this right in the buildup. It's been great so far. I love where everything has been going and has been coming along with these guys. Good shit may while and by the way we're gonna talk all abou- alastair black in a second. Okay we're gonna talk all about alastair black all right we'll just which is burning through this. Burn through this all right up next. We got tony. She'll vanni who's in the ring. He's interviewing kenny. omega don. Callous is with kenny pretty much we got rents repeat from last week. But now we've got don is back in talks about how he wasn't able to be with omega from last week. Crowd starting channing. You were fired so okay so this is a crowd that also watches impact wrestling. Okay cool all right nice. I won't say a majority of the crowd but a decent amount of the crown most likely checks out impact at least from that crowd. So they know what's going on. Okay cool love that don callous with a peculiar line you know it sounds pretty cool but then you gotta really stop and think about it. He goes he goes real men. Don't quit real man get fired and that pretty much silenced the crowd. I don't know about you but when you first hear that you go. Ooh but then when you really think about it we men real men don't quit. They fire room. Don't quit they get fired. Real man quit a gift. Fires like okay. So would i read rhetoric. Quit or would i rather get fired. Well i guess it really depends on what exactly you're doing your job right. I mean if you quit you typically have reached a breaking point with that job right so you kind of have to think like that you normally reach a breaking point with the job..

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