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Down in over the inside corner. Strike one. The numbers overall on Cisco or to ninety three but that the till the whole story I want pitch blow change speeds on one at one last week. Cisco played in six games and went thirteen for twenty three with five home runs. He kidding me. All five overs on the year. One one is granted heart, but fell into his own dugout at some of the guys Duckie over there. The first base tides home wanted to. Mike this guy. Cisco drove fifteen runs last week. That's six games the one to nine away. Fastball to to truly if we didn't know any better. We'd walk in and say, hey, guys been good all season he to ninety three things. Look. All right. He's got some power totally different than she is just a little away foresee fastball from Stankiewicz good take by guy who for years has been considered one of the Orioles top prospects. Three to Teddy's into the wind up the payoff down in in ball four. He walked him. Well, he tried to go off speed there. To seepage I believe and that's the second one my snack. Oh in Santa leadoff baserunners for the ties trying to start announcements that he was working early on account. Just shows the respect that he has for how hot chat Cisco is right now. Cisco last year was given an opportunity to play in the big leagues. And he hit well below the Mendoza line. Now, it's DJ Stewart other power threat, and he takes one. DJ Stewart was first round pick twenty fifteen that of Florida state by Baltimore second year here in Norfolk for one oh, there's a strike fastball. Cut the outside corners affect Stuart didn't think so turned around and had a word for the buyer Wiseman wanted one. Stewart to fifty hitter. Three homers, twelve RBI. Crowds the plate. The one swinging full strength. It's a beautiful chips. Thank koets gets ahead. Wanted to has got a real Bagwell's type stance there. He crouches low in that left hand box scoreless game. But Cisco is on at first on out on this gorgeous Tuesday fish down in a way that's on to into on Stewart. Josh mauer. Mike Monico at Ethan Pru is our flagship producer back W H JJ. Over shift is on three infielders on the right side against the lefty DJ Stewart Stanko at set at the belt. And that was due to pitch. Swing and hard ground ball towards second. Nice picked by Tobias. He throws to the third baseman weighty. Relate a first time four five three on the double play. You gotta turt- some weird ones when you got the over shift on and to- bias, tonight's pickup and Janssen Wade. He's not going to turn to. Yeah. That was on to watch movies. The last time Janssen witty took from the the left side of the infield are left took throat like that at second base. I was awesome. Leadoff Walker race. And here comes Christopher Boston. I yelled veteran predator takes straight to the bottom of zone. Try to get you a station ID, but teddy Stanko, it's working to quickly Bostick to fifty-six average less couple years in Indianapolis. One strike all fastball outside corner at the knees. Two. Bostick also in this league with Syracuse assists, fourth straight year in the I'll skip player. No to MRs high off speed one ball to strikes on Bostick. Stake wits already with to walk so easy issue. Ten walks. Thirteen innings. Hadn't heard much though once swollen at served off the end of the bat, but it finds a way to center field Basit semi line drive for Christopher Bostick reaching down. And getting it. That's the first heated again for Norfolk. It brings up Mason Williams L. It's must ten seconds of the PawSox radio network. Rhode.

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