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This is the artist sport podcast. One of the most dramatic qualifying sessions of the season came to an end with Lewis Hamilton taking his a 103rd poll, leading a Mercedes one too after Max Verstappen burrito spectacular lap with a crash into the outside wall coming out of the final corner. The crash means that Verstappen will line up third tomorrow providing his gearbox sustained no damage. Joining me to chat for each action packed qualifying session is Alex kalanick's order sports F one editor, Alex what a qualifying session wow. Three words to describe that. Oh, goodness, me, hello, Ariana. Oh goodness me. I quite like that. Wow, yeah that's sums up pretty nicely. But I want to go for three words. Max Verstappen wow is one of my three words. Because ultimately was all about him. He reversed the trend. I mean, you look at what Louis Hamilton has done since qualifying in Brazil and in terms of the sheer incredible performances he's been pulling out and he just looked like Mercedes had found an edge. I also may have maintained this throughout my columns and also support dot com plus and in the magazine in the reports and everything. I think Red Bull will have underperformed rather. Especially in Qatar and that seems to be the case again yesterday in practice, Mercedes looked a hell of a long way ahead, although Red Bull did seem to be spending more time focusing on single app and Mercedes insisted that things were a lot closer and is actually struggling a little bit when it came to the one lap on the soft tyres. But still, said he said the edge. And yet, come qualifying, rebel nailed it, max was that an absolutely nailed it right up until the very last corner of Q three. What a shame. Actually, in the media center, I've often wondered occasionally when big instance like this happen, you hear people going and you just shocking and shocking reaction. I've never done it before but that was me in the media center today. When you hit the wall, I just couldn't believe it because the lap was perfect. Yes, it was on the edge. Yes, it almost looked out of control at times. Before we got to the final corner, but it was fantastic. He knew he was up he was up on his own personal best. He knew how far I had to come to. We knew he was ahead anyway, didn't need to be that completely on the limit of the final corner, but he went for it anyway. Just.

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