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Twenty twenty sports Laka Mike McCann as we wrap up the first weekend of break from league play the entire record is all into but that's a lot less important individual performances with more here's the fence we Murray in a nine seven loss to the rays Macallan do ours opposite field home run was the big Yankees highlight it's nice to see him out there you know it's obviously been a long road for him he's worked really hard to get to this point is that a good off season kind of that helicopter swing we see sometimes for many input really put a charge into I'm sure felt really good for him I know how excited he's going to get back out there that's Aaron Boone Johnathan Weiss again Clarke Schmidt each threw a scoreless inning Gerrit Cole takes the mound Monday night against the pirates in Tampa through the first inning of the Mets three all time the cardinals it began on the wrong foot when Harris invaders smacked a home run leading off the game Long Island product knows the math is not in his favor with six veteran starters competing for five slots yeah I mean I I recognize that just because you know what we have before us which ultimately is a good problem to have you know so for me personally I'm just I try to just maximize my stuff the best I can figure is that goes second inning Homer for the amazing shutout relief today from jury familia and Robert Gsellman anyone assessment is did a one eighty less than a week after saying he wouldn't talk to the media he decided to hold a press conference but only to discuss his plans for twenty twenty and no discussion of any wild boars up next to a big win for the islanders WFAN sports time eight oh two how does.

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