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And parents understand the new law the red flag law creates a procedure through which a school official family member or member of law enforcement can obtain a court order that would result in the removal of guns from individuals who are deemed to be a serious risk to themselves or others the governor says a new call center and website have also been launched provides step by step instructions Diane Delano newsradio eight ten one of three one W. J. Y. E. G. Y. morning news time is eight oh three second homicide this week in the capital region police in Schenectady say the body of a woman was found in the eight hundred block of maple wood Avenue last night cops say they're looking for a man driving a blue Dodge ram pickup at the same time Troy police have released the name of the woman found shot to death in Lansing Berg earlier this week body of nineteen year old Beyonce sequence of New York City was found Tuesday the aerial fourth Avenue one hundred eleven street wins has no known ties to the capital region and investigators are trying to figure out why she was in the area and there's no word if the two incidents might be related the Episcopal Church says Albany bishop William Lovell face a disciplinary hearing over his views on same sex marriage in November of last year love vowed to prohibit same sex marriage in defiance of a church resolution that led the Parisian ours burning copies of love's edict on the steps of St Andrews while it was being read inside according to the times union the disciplinary arm of the church's voted to referral up to a five person hearing panel no word on a date for that hearing or what type of punishment love could potentially face what is the song says smoking name allowed in school and now the. messages vaping and allowed either this unit high schools become one of the first in the area to install vaping detectors in some of the restrooms WrestleMania was with the Niskayuna community action program help get the grant to pay for them she tells news channel thirteen the central to move quickly once we realize that this is something that's really easily accessible to our youth we knew that we had to do something it within the school district and the community to try to combat this problem detector sent an email alert to the main office if they're triggered now this all comes as the state moves to ban the sale of flavored E. cigarettes and Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg will be on Capitol Hill today the top of lawmakers about the future of internet regulation Facebook is the subject of several anti trust investigations long with apple Google and Amazon Facebook's agreed to a five billion dollar settlement with the FTC over how the social media giant handles privacy issues WG one morning news times etal five our next update at eight thirty I read shepherd not more chucking Kelly on news radio a ten one oh three one W. G. Y. cattle regions breaking news traffic and.

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