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Greg Berkman with the closest one. There it is one. There's one one again I think it's going to be very high. It is I will say this there is a lot of great cuisine here in southern California I think it is the best food city in America. As far as all the different kinds of cuisines you can get right. It's either here New York City Ok. P Also. Francisco's good. One lower this true. Pizza is not one of them like I did when we were on the midday show. I. L Z we talked about this. There's just not a lot of great pizza. They is okay pizza. You know what I mean, but there's not a lot of great ones. So the only one that popped up on the list was pizza Matzah There are two locations one in Hollywood kind of like In Pink hotdogs is because I've seen this place I know where it is. Yeah. It's just it's right there. It's like in the Melrose area basically. It's right off Melrose Avenue I. Think in Highland I think is are the cross streets and then they also have. Another one in Orange County basically down Newport beach. But that's the only one and that was number forty eight on the list. Do you have a good pizza? Go to pizza spot Mama and Papas. Big Mama's impossible's. In downtown that is my Go-to I've actually had some pretty decent peace and I've lived in Chicago obviously is born and raised me Troy I've lived in New York Detroit by the way five on the list Oh we got pizza dog. Like piece of poplars is like the spark which I'm assuming is in the top twenty of the top ten on this list. Yeah because. This is ridiculous. I look it up. I would. Be. Good but what did train has pizza. have. Like five or six places. We have our own piece as a matter of fact, in fact, there's a place out in La that says Detroit style pizza and then I went there and let them know that I Detroit Dog Buddy's pizza is the highest rated in Detroit buddies a straight it's straight. It's not a piece of populist but it straight yeah. Laura what's your go to pizza place? So I originally had pizza co Baldwin Park. It's close to me, but I just tried a new one out there. So good. It's called monstrous pizza and West Covina so good it's really different. They have like different toppings. So they get fancy with it. It's really good, Greg. There's a place right down the street from it's called Joe peeps but it's New York style pizza does that Count Yeah Okay so joe. PEEPS NEW YORK. Pizza. Delicious. Chicago's okay. It's it's fine Pizza I think New York and Chicago. I never heard of Detroit style. Pizza. I got. Boura Tinos in San Pedro that place to me is really really good Miami Pizza. Or there's a place called crust in. Miami that's really good names original. Yeah. It's unbelievable. It's on the Miami. River it's. It's like it's funny because it's like we're a bunch of seafood restaurants are but it's like the only pizza place in that general area just. Outside of downtown but I like Borough Tinos in San Pedro. That's my spot. Here's we're GONNA to Michelle Steele is GONNA join us. What's number one? Oh, it's actually a place. I'm very familiar with because I and you may be as well. 'cause you've been in Connecticut for before in. Connecticut. No it's okay. It's the best pizza I've ever had. If his mystic pizza I'll. Frank Pepe in new haven it is the best I've ever had. All right I'm out. Yeah. It's the best pizza. I've ever had and I've lived in New York and I've lived in in Miami. I've been to Chicago million, times yeah yeah it's the best pizza I've ever had frank pepe. It is really good. I'll give them that. All right. Michelle. Steals GonNA join us here in a second more is going to get her on the phone promised we will have Michelle steal one of our great correspondents reporters at ESPN joining us now here on Sodano L Z on seven ten. Espn Michelle thank you so much for taking the time. Hope you and yours are all healthy and safe. Now, we wanted to talk to you about the game last night in Kansas City and everything that transpired there but we have bigger things that we're discussing here including the top one hundred and one best pizza places in America that list just came out today. You're Chicago. person. Now I'm GonNa tell you what they the highest ranking Chicago Pizza Place they had year and you tell me if this is your legitimate I think I'm pronouncing this correctly is p Qods. Peak. Wise peak. What's sorry. Yeah that's. That's a little bit of a wild guess on my part because I've heard people I is really really good. But I'm not I'm a new. York. Pizza Person I am not Chicago Pizza. From here I love Chicago Gimme Chicago dog any days a week. When it comes to pizza I WANNA cake. With Say. You don't have to do the deep dish every time this thin crust come on I know that I know there's other stuff but they don't do the thing that drives me nuts I lived in both places but it's so hard to find pizza by the slice and Chicago I've got I've got one spot. I've got my Go-to, but it's not ubiquitous like it is in New York you Kinda. Miss you folding it. Eating it walking down the sidewalk I. Know you've I walk in La, but it's this thing that you do. On the car. Walkies were to do to get to your car and yeah, exactly we do that we walk. What are you talking? Excellent truth be told I take an uber to get to my car to walk in my car. I know what? Else? He? Occasionally, we will walk on the sand when we get to the water, right? Like there's that Ju- Sodano Michelle this. This. Is this is a true story real quick with it. My Buddies Standard Buddy's house they have run out of eggs. We were having breakfast they can you render store and get some eggs? I'd say sure I started walking they say, what are you doing some going to the store? They weren't you driving because I can see the store it's a half a block away. May Give you a ride. Off. They were sucked I walked to and back from the store look with the eggs and didn't drive. That.

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